It’s here! A new, groundbreaking method to treat acne

Acne — is basically a skin condition. Every year thousands of young people are plagued by this often painful condition. It is not only painful and begs picking (which only worsens the redness and can cause lasting scars that never leave. And of course, one of the most dreadful aspects is its unsightly appearance and the lack of confidence in the sufferer when it comes to making friends with the opposite sex.

The problem is that bacteria trigger an influx of dreadful activity. Hair follicles become clogged with skin cells. Normally characterized by blackheads, pimples, greasy skin, whiteheads; this condition normally strikes the face, chest, and back. Of course, one of the most debilitating side effects is loss of self-esteem and in its worst condition can even lead to thoughts of suicide.

Of course, our bodies fight to protect us. Increased blood flow which causes the infected area to become red. It creates an invasion of white blood cells. These fighters attempt to contain the bacteria. This, in turn, creates pus, usually in the form of a zit, at the surface.


Here are a few simple steps you can take

  • Scrub your hands thoroughly.
  • Try never to touch any infected area unless you’re actually performing your normal care.
  • Never carry soiled washcloths, towels etc, from one room to another.
    Clean your computer keyboard, your phone, iPad, and so on once a week at least.
  • Scrub infected areas thoroughly before bed every night without exception.

Skin care routine

Experience has taught us that medications which supposedly dry up the sores do not help the way the way they promise. When a zit appears, trying to dry it mercilessly only leaves redness, flakes and perhaps scars.Rather, we want to cleanse and nourish rather than strip Here are a few helpful tips

  • Oil cleansing should be limited to twice a week.
  • A gentle soap should be used.
  • Proper exfoliation helps maintain good hygiene. However, too much exfoliation may irritate and this only invitesflare-ups.
  • Raw Manuka honey masks may help settle inflammation and help to fight bacteriaas well. Perhaps only twice a week would be plenty.
  • Above all, NEVER PICK AT YOUR ZITS, ETC. That’s a terrible mistake and can lead to permanent facial scarring that you’ll regret for the rest of your life.

Some bad things

  • sugar
  • dairy
  • wheat and gluten
  • omega-6 fatty acids
  • alcohol
  • stress