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About Fitbod

Fitbod for iOS equips gym-goers with a deeply personalized workout plan, allowing users to maximize the use of indoor gym equipment and practice effective strength-training.

Fitbod is a leader in the emerging category of smart fitness guidance. Products in this space offer personalized workout & nutrition plans that are computer created, using predictive analytics and machine learning. With this tech, fitbod learns from your workout history, understands your fitness ability, and guides you on a personalized path to results. Current leaders in Health & Fitness offer fixed exercise plans, edited by human editors and difficult to adapt to unique fitness needs.

Fitbod ranks in the top grossing health & fitness apps. In July of 2016, Apple featured fitbod under “New Apps we Love” and “Plan & Log” under Health Fitness.

Today, users log over 1 Million exercises per week from personalized workout plans created by fitbod’s automated workout builder.

Fitbod’s addressable market includes the 80 million Americans who utilize resistance and cardio equipment at the gym or home. Gym memberships in the USA have grown by over 22% since 2009.

Gym partnerships are key for fitbod to reach it’s target market: the 55 million Americans who currently pay for a gym and do not utilize human personal training services. Fitbod helps these gym-goers make the best use of the gym with highly personalized, self-guided workouts (Source / Source)

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Created by Allen Chen and Jesse Venticinque. Based in San Francisco CA, stationed at Raise the Bar Fitness

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