Can Someone Please Just Tell Me What to Eat?

There was a time when I thought I knew it all. A young naive 18 year, old who knew it all. Looking back, I made some stupid decisions (hey didn’t we all). I accidently drove my car through my garage, I stayed up all night and ate all the wrong foods! At the time I was studying sports science and, as you can image, the topic of nutrition came up often. Again, young naive me ignored everything I was taught. You see, I skipped breakfast, rarely ate lunch and by dinner time, I WAS STARVING! Which meant of course that I stuffed my face with anything and everything within my reach. Not only was I unhealthy, I was constantly tired and despite my rigorous exercise regime, I was physically unfit.

So what changed?

Well, I grew up and decided to make a change and really invest in my health. I work 5 days a week, entertain a newborn, complete endless hours of housework and fit in time to train 4–5 days a week. If my nutrition wasn’t on point, I would never get through my days. Take on board these few points and I guarantee, you’ll notice the difference.

Breakfast, Breakfast, Breakfast!!!!

Did you get the point, if not please see above. It’s true, breakfast really is the most important meal of the day! All the experts are saying it, so why aren’t you doing it? It provides the body with essential nutrients, unlikely to be compensated for by lunch and dinner. The bigger the breakfast, the smaller the meals you are likely to consume throughout the day. So grab a banana, have a piece of toast or you could be real hipster and have a acai bowl. Next time you decide to leave the house without eating breakfast, DON’T! You’re body will thank you for it!

Add a lot of hydration

So, it’s not a food group, but it is important and just know, to drink it as often as possible. I don’t know about you, but without my 2L-3L of water a day, I feel flat. The benefits of drinking water are endless. From transporting nutrients and vitamins to removing toxins on a regular basis. If you need help reaching that 2L mark, infuse your water with fruit, all the cool kids are doing it! A little word of advice, pick up a 2L bottle and just sit it in front of you all day. If you’re anything like me, you’ll finish it well before 5pm.

Say hello greens….. And carbs…. And protein and……. Dairy and fruits… You get the point!

Say goodbye to diets! You see, I don’t diet and haven’t for at least the last 8 years. This is because I enjoy eating healthy, but I also enjoy a cheeky snack every once in awhile, and that is okay! I love carbs and chicken and steak and well everything really. So I say eat your pasta after 7pm, but add in all the greens you can think of. I always find a green juice goes down well after a long day, especially if my nutrition has been off. The possibilities are endless when you don’t cut out essential food groups. Make the decision to eat healthy (and in moderation).

If all else fails, turn to the… Internet

I always hear the excuse, I don’t know how to eat healthy or I don’t know what to eat. People, we live in an age of the internet, and if my ideas haven’t inspired you, look it up for yourself, it is all there. The internet is a breeding ground of information, so use it to your advantage. There are endless recipes and professional advice on how to eat your way through a balanced diet, so enough with the excuses.

At the end of the day, it is all the relationship you have created with food. You can choose eating food to be just something you do to pass the time. Or you can look at it as something that fuels your body for the better. I am without a doubt the healthiest I have ever been, due to the positive choices I now make concerning my food intake. So make the choice to have breakfast, drink (a lot) of water, eat whatever you want (in moderation of course) and do your research.

Combine this with a well thought out training plan and say hello to a new you and might I say, you have never looked better!

Naomi Wallis

Product Manager

Naomi speaks all things functional movement. She loves it so much, she adopted it into her daily fitness routine. To say sport was ingrained in Naomi is an understatement.

In fact, she loved it so much, she went on to study sports science at university and has worked for some of the best NRL teams in the country.

Her world is revolved around the sport and she brings this enthusiasm to the table every single day.

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