Fitness and Family, Can They Mix?

Any good writer will tell you, “write what you know”. Well today, I am taking on board those famous words. You see, 10 weeks ago a little bundle of joy entered into my world, marking the start of my family. With this bundle of joy came a change in responsibility, priority and routine. It was no longer about me, rather this baby, who relied on me for everything. When I slept, ate and worked out never occurred at the same time. Being that I loved my physical activity, it was a rather rough transition at first. The below points have helped me manage my time better to ensure I am doing right by myself, my daughter and my health and fitness.

Manage expectations

I think it is important to manage your own expectations of what you think you can do. For me taking a break from exercising was difficult, as I believed I could do it all. Well I couldn’t! Here I am 10 weeks on, I have finally realised it is okay to miss a day or two, as long as I am eating right, drinking water and completing some sort of physical activity during the day, I will be fine.

Home workouts

These are now my best friend. They allow me to workout, whilst entertaining my daughter, as for some reason she seems to find my lunges funny. But whenever she is settled, on goes YouTube and out come my workout pants. And there I am in my living room, doing my squats into burpee’s , whilst making sure the dinner isn’t burning. Just call me the queen of multitasking.

When you can do it

Whilst I love my daughter, awake I also love her when she is sleeping, it means I can get out really be pushed physically. The feeling I get from training in a group environment is pure motivation. The sweat, the exhaustion, the pain…. I live for it! So I don’t get to do this 6 days a week anymore, but when I do I love it! For all the mums and dad’s out there, try and find a gym, box or fitness centre that caters to some sort of child minding. I just make sure I have a bottle for her encase she decides on a screaming match during class.

The importance of wellness

As a new mum, I think it is essential to discuss the importance of wellness, especially in those first few months. With postnatal depression cases on the rise, it was important for me to track my health and wellness, ensuring I would stay on top of any issues that may arise. Fitbox allowed me to monitor things like sleep and recovery (amongst other things), to ensure I was getting the right amount of rest I required. I knew when I was run down and therefore rested accordingly.

So to answer my original question, can fitness and family mix?

Of course! You just need to make it work for you and work within your boundaries.

Naomi Wallis

Product Manager

Naomi speaks all things functional movement. She loves it so much, she adopted it into her daily fitness routine. To say sport was ingrained in Naomi is an understatement.

In fact, she loved it so much, she went on to study sports science at university and has worked for some of the best NRL teams in the country.

Her world is revolved around the sport and she brings this enthusiasm to the table every single day.

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