The Secrets of Elite Sport Part 2: What Every Athlete Ought to Know about Wellness Metrics

In my last article I talked about the importance of monitoring training loads to help you improve an athlete’s performance and avoid fatigue that leads to loss of form and injury.

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FitBox also gives you another ace up your sleeve when it comes to injury prevention and performance improve, its inbuilt wellness metrics. You’re probably like wellness wha?

Wellness metrics are a series of simple to answer question that have been tried and tested in the elite sporting arena. These handy insights are new to the functional movement industry but have been proven to shine a light on how athletes are responding to training.

Training loads used in conjunction with FitBox’s wellness metrics, create an individual picture of your members.

You can set these up in a widget on the dashboard to provide insights into the day to day wellness and training loads of your members. When used together, you will get a good understanding of individual recovery rates, muscle soreness trends and general wellness and be able to make quick decisions on current and future training programs to prevent the effects of over training from occurring.

The more information collected on wellness and training loads, the greater the benefit to staff and members alike. Coaches will use this feedback to assist in future programming to ensure progress is achieved without the threat of over training.

It will also give your members more information on their fitness and members will use this feedback as motivation for future workouts. Furthermore, this information will hold members more accountable for what workouts they are actually completing in the box.

From a sports science perspective, a valid and reliable record of training loads and wellness allows the effectiveness of different training styles, WOD’s and class types to be assessed. This ensures that both sufficient training loads are implemented and that excessive loads are not.

Over time, with the accurate monitoring of training loads, trends become apparent and enable the coach to better understand the best training methods for their members. When utilised correctly, an overall improvement in performances can be expected.

Naomi Wallis

Product Manager

Naomi speaks all things functional movement. She loves it so much, she adopted it into her daily fitness routine. To say sport was ingrained in Naomi is an understatement.

In fact, she loved it so much, she went on to study sports science at university and has worked for some of the best NRL teams in the country.

Her world is revolved around the sport and she brings this enthusiasm to the table every single day.

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