Ticking All the Boxes

SMG Technologies’ new product, FitBox, is a game-changer for box management. Sports Scientist and Product owner of FitBox, Naomi Wallis details why purchasing the platform is a smart move for any box owner.

As the FitBox product owner, what are some of the obvious practicalities of embracing this technology from a purely business perspective?

Being a box owner is a tough business. I know many owners who have a love for sport but don’t have the amount of business acumen required to run a business efficiently. Having to manage all members in one spot and ensuring they are satisfied with the product being provided to them is absolutely key, which is why FitBox is such a great tool. It allows owners to manage their members successfully, look into popular classes and monitor their box’s revenue. So, not only does it cover the financial side of the business, it also covers the member performance monitoring side. This results in satisfaction amongst members as they can see that staff are going the extra step to assist in their performance and monitoring within the box.

FitBox is a tool that allows box owners to manage their members. On a day-to-day basis, how does the platform support getting through workload faster and more efficiently?

Despite the initial set-up, which comes along when implementing any new software system, FitBox allows box owners to spend more time with their members, which is usually the reason they initially set up their box. Owners have all their revenue reports, contracts, member info, attendance reports, workout programming and management, and member wellness all on one platform.

For example, they don’t need to sit on Excel for hours clicking between numerous screens, entering data on who attended classes and who didn’t. Neither do they need to enter Leaderboard scores from their whiteboards onto the website, which can take a significant amount of time once members have left. This can now all be done on one system. Which means box owners can now leave at the same time their last member does. It just makes all the back-end legwork and administration so much more streamlined.

How does FitBox help report on member attendance and monitoring, and does this give any insight into the more popular classes?

When data is entered into the FitBox platform, box owners have the option of seeing in simple graph form what classes have had the most attendees in any given week. This gives a really quick insight to how popular those classes have been over a day and week. However, when this data is examined over a couple of weeks or months, box owners can truly get an idea on which classes have more attendees than others. From there, workouts can be programmed accordingly and type (or time) of classes can be changed where necessary. When this data is used correctly, it can potentially increase revenue into the box.

How does FitBox help with class and workout management in terms of making sure that members remain engaged?

Several ways, actually. Firstly, it allows for owners to quickly ascertain to see which classes have the higher attendances overall. If members enjoy the classes enough to turn up, it’s safe to assume that they’re engaged.

Secondly, box coaches have the ability to not only program workouts within the FitBox platform, they also have the ability to monitor the breakdown of their workouts and whether they are balanced in relation to the movements breakdown. This ensures that there is a variation of workouts being programmed. Members pick up on this, as their programs are not repetitive, which in turn can potentially increase revenue. Furthermore, once a program is completed, a list of the top five movements will automatically populate. Once again, this ensures there is no doubling up on programming.

From a purely performance management angle, how does FitBox’s data analysis help to reduce injury and boost wellness amongst members?

This platform was designed off the SportsMed platform, another product that comes under SMG Technologies’ umbrella. The SportsMed software was originally built to manage and decrease the injury load within elite professional sports teams.

How it works is simple, really.

Members log their wellness metrics via the FitBox mobile application . Over time, trends start to form, so when certain wellness metrics are not within the averages of the member and their performances on the box floor are down, it’s a good indicator that something is wrong. This can allude either to an injury or an illness. If it’s an injury, the member is likely to highlight this when filling in their wellness every morning, or the box owner or coach will receive alerts from FitBox, if these are off. When used in conjunction with metrics such as training load, a bigger picture of how the athlete is feeling starts to form. From there, owners and coaches can speak to the member advising them that it may be best if they miss a session, or their coaches can alter their movements within the workout. Box owners, would always rather a member missed a couple of days’ worth of sessions, than a couple of months’ worth due to injury. In addition, it also shows members that their box owner and coaching staff care about their health.

Furthermore, by getting box members to record their wellness on a daily basis, it makes them more aware with how their body is feeling. They will begin to realise that when they eat unhealthy or consume large amounts of alcohol for example, it not only decreases their general wellbeing but it will decrease their overall performance results.

In terms of client management, how does FitBox helped build and cement relationships?

I have previously worked in gyms as a personal trainer, and building client relationships is a huge component of getting business in and keeping it there. The clients I have worked with have always appreciated when I have gone the extra yard to not only ensure they are showing performance improvements, but that I genuinely care for their wellbeing. Regardless of their level in the sport, this is the biggest thing for clients to know — that they are important. So that’s where I see FitBox really being an asset in terms of shaping the positive association of the box with a member. Whether it’s filling in their wellness metrics every day, to having to have their performance and Leaderboard results available on their phones — it shows that the staff at the box careabout them, and it’s that attitude that brings more clients through the door.

Not only that, but from the perspective of a box owner, for the first time, FitBox enables them to monitor their clients’ wellbeing. Box owners can ask a client how they are feeling and their response is often “Fine” or “Great!” — however, they might be carrying a slight injury that they don’t feel comfortable telling staff about on the Box floor. But when it comes to filling in their wellness on their phones in the comfort of their own home, it takes away that pressure and provides a platform in which they feel comfortable disclosing their health and wellbeing.

How should box owners encourage their coaching staff to embrace the new tech?

In this day and age, it’s not hard to encourage smart coaches to embrace new technology. It will not only cut down their program-planning time but also benefit the members. To me it is a no brainer!

The big question a lot of other box owners might be asking is ‘Does FitBox make sense from a financial point-of-view and is the return on investment worth it?’

Everything I have just spoken about reiterates the benefit of FitBox in the box environment. Not only does it decrease admin time but it makes the process of creating and programming workouts a breeze. Box owners can, for the first time, see which classes are most popular and what time slots suit most. Furthermore, FitBox reports allow owners and athletes to be informed as to when they are performing their best and when they may need to taper their training. This advice could potentially prevent niggling injuries turning into serious injuries that may result in athletes being sidelined for months. When clients are satisfied with the experience that the box owner is providing, they not only continue to walk through the door but they tell friends and family, resulting in increased revenue. FitBox just makes sense, plain and simple!

Naomi Wallis

Product Manager

Naomi speaks all things functional movement. She loves it so much, she adopted it into her daily fitness routine. To say sport was ingrained in Naomi is an understatement.

In fact, she loved it so much, she went on to study sports science at university and has worked for some of the best NRL teams in the country.

Her world is revolved around the sport and she brings this enthusiasm to the table every single day.

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