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Creator FAQ- What are some of the best ways I can share my content on social media?

  • If you don’t know how to share on social media, follow the steps from “How do I share my Stories on Social Media?”

Some great ways to share my content on social media:

  1. Pinterest: Select what cover image you would like to have your followers see, & choose a spot to save it to. Usually, you will only have two pictures to choose from and only one has the hero image you selected while the other option doesn’t have any image, so I would recommend choosing your hero image!

2. Twitter & Facebook: Create a caption, either use the same one or create a different one!. If you want to make it interesting, add your location so that people can understand and relate better to your story. For example, you created a story about sunny weather. Well, it may not be sunny all around the world for everyone but by adding a location they can see where you’re at. Or another example, you create a story with an outfit for a Friday night dinner, and you want your audience to know your favorite restaurant.

3. Instagram & Snapchat: Send your story to a friend or a few friends. Create a group conversation including your fans that you know enjoy seeing your story updates!



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