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Meet the Teacher

2020 was a year of embracing discomforts. The global pandemic, drastic changes, and social distancing forced us to face many challenges. Routines changed and people turned online to find new means of work, leisure, and exercise.

Physical activities that were once conducted outdoors and in groups are now done privately at home. Yoga is no different. Yoga trainers have had to learn to use digital platforms to stay connected with existing clients, and cater to the influx of new students drawn to yoga as a mind and body activity that can easily be done remotely.

As an online platform for…

Alla Kozyreva

Meet the Teacher

Where are you from and/or where do you live?

Originally I am from Ukraine. I lived in Melbourne, Australia for 11 years until embarking on a nomadic lifestyle. I went to India to study Ayurveda Yoga Therapy and a few months later Covid happened, so I got stuck in India.

How did yoga come into your life?

My first Yoga class was back in Ukraine in 2002, it was a Hatha class offered at a local gym. …

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Yoga is the Sanskrit word meaning “to join” or “to unite.” Yoga is about the connection between the mind and body, between the body and the breath, and between the people and the world around us. The new reality of social distancing has made it impossible to connect with each other physically, and as a result, many yoga instructors moved online in order to maintain their connection with students.

This new way of connecting felt weird at first, but initial skepticism quickly began to disappear following the positive experiences reported by both teachers and students.

In order to understand what…

Yoga Nidra is beneficial for anyone suffering from insomnia, disturbing thoughts, self-criticism, mind chatter, or the inability to relax deeply. Yoga Nidra is also beneficial for anyone desiring to improve their quality of life and re-set/ reprogram their mindset for a more positive one. In other words, the practice of Yoga Nidra helps replace outdated and unproductive beliefs with ones that are supportive and uplifting and heal on a deeper level.

Yoga Nidra means psychic sleep or a state of consciousness on the borderline between sleep and wakefulness. It is a state of inner awareness and contact with the subconscious…

Our sexual health is closely related to the Sacral Chakra — Swadhistana, located in the pelvic region below the navel. It is a seat of deep emotions, karma, creativity, sensuality, and sexuality. When the energy in the Sacral Chakra is balanced and flowing freely, we can enjoy the pleasures of life without guilt or suppression; we can express our creative nature and be in harmony with what is. …

Self love — journey to wholeness

Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and said out loud “I love you. I love you. I love you.”? Calling yourself by your name, saying those words with sincerity, what did you feel inside your heart? Was it easy or did you feel like you were fooling yourself?

What does it really mean to love yourself? And what is this Self? Is it the body, the mind or the personality that we love? How would it look like in a practical sense to love the self?

Many years ago when i…

Alla Kozyreva

This morning I woke up to the post in a Yoga Therapy group on Facebook, where a young woman, yoga teacher, was asking the group for the resources of doing free Hip Hop Yoga classes that were ‘’not too slow or too boring’’. This post triggered many comments from the members of the group. Some were insulted by the lack of respect to Traditional Yoga and some were angry that they were trying to make a living with teaching yoga, which shouldn’t be expected to be provided for free. There was a big backlash from yoga teachers and yoga therapists…

Alla Kozyreva

Nobody likes to be in pain, however, feeling unwell has become a new norm. In the ideal world don’t we all wish that we were always healthy? Imagine what your life would actually feel like if you were completely healthy, with no physical, mental or emotional symptoms? How much energy and enthusiasm you would have to pursue your life mission and purpose? This state of wellbeing is our birthright, we were designed and meant to be like that — healthy, energetic and vibrant.

From my early childhood I suffered chronic digestive issues, stomach pains, chronic tonsillitis and colds, and whole…

Alla Kozyreva

In the modern world it is very common to hear people referring to yoga term as “going to the yoga class” or “going to practice yoga”. Most likely then not it means going to do asana class, which may or may not include some pranayama techniques, or at best 5 minutes of meditation.

I have had 16 years of experience in “yoga practice” as such, however, only 3 years out of these 16 were spent consciously practicing actual yoga, which is something totally different to the popular knowledge.

I too used to think that to be good at yoga meant…

When I was introduced to meditation, I was amazed to learn that it didn’t have to be an arduous journey to complete serenity. My journey began with just a few minutes of meditation a day and has had surprising effects on my state of mind.

Daily life is filled with a constant barrage of noise and confusion. By learning to meditate I was able to bring some order to my preoccupied mind.

Meditation helped me mitigate the mental impact of my daily hassles. …


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