2016 Specialized Sirrus | 25 16 Mile Ride | A Little Extra Motivation Today

This video records my 25.16 mile ride on my 2016 Specialized Sirrus hybrid disk.

I had a little bit of extra motivation this morning when my wife showed me a picture of me some time ago and my belly bulged like I was pregnant. I told her feeding me so well that I got fat was her revenge for having been pregnant when she was younger. :-)

It rained through most of the ride today but not too badly. Felt good to be on the road.

I recently got a cash back rebate of $130 from Dubli Online Shopping Mall. That makes $1138 back in my bank from online purchases (in 15 months time) I would have made anyway.

Check it out at http://www.dubli.com/M04VB.

Check out our church website at, http://www.puyallupbaptistchurch.com

Listen to sermons I have preached at http://bit.ly/mckenziepreaching

Originally published at www.youtube.com.



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