Our Minds are A Bit Befuddled

As you think about praying for us, and for Anita especially, keep in mind that we will have a rather intensive month. Anita has to have more tests and more biopsies before surgery. Pre-op doctor consult is scheduled for February 17th. These other tests have to be completed before then. We do not know the dates of any of these tests or or the surgery yet.

Another “intensive” element is that, if Anita is able to have the surgery as proposed, we will get the pathology report from that at about the same time as Pastor Caleb’s appointment to see a vascular surgeon.

Our minds are a little befuddled with so much.



A record of my journey back to fitness using bicycling, x3bar protocol, elliptical and body weight movements. Maybe even something about food.

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Marvin McKenzie

Pastor, self published Amazon Author, avid student of the Bible. teacher of the Word of God in college level . Daily visit with God www.marvinmckenzie.org