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The Difference Between Training and Working Out

And how I Obtained my Dream Body.

This is an article written by my trainer @yesthisisdave, posted on our blog FitOrDie.Info

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There is a significant difference between arriving at a gym to train and arriving to ‘work out.’ The difference begins with mindset. Everyone has seen the skinny fat college girls toss their super venti chai late into the trash before scanning their card and plopping their ass on a bike to read cosmo for 15 minutes. That is all fine and well, in my honest opinion it is far superior to most of their friends who sat at home watching netflix.. but that is just not how myself and my training buddies operate.

I have seen people transform their bodies from puffy to shredded in three months. I have seen people spend more time than those individuals in the gym everyday, and look worse at the end of those same three months.

Personally, I genuinely hate wasting time. I hate it to the point that at times it almost becomes a problem.

Let me tell you something. If I am going to dedicate 10-20% of every day of my life going somewhere or to something, I am going to make sure that whatever I am doing there is worthwhile. When I get to the gym, it is game on 100%. Why would it not be? Why show up to anything or do anything or put any effort into making anything happen if you are not going to get everything that you can out of it?

I want results.

I want to see measurable changes, my motivation and dedication is reliant upon it. If I toil endlessly because I fail to plan, I am going to end up disheartened and pissed off.

When I made that change to my mindset and started training vs going through the motions and ‘working out,’ I started seeing results like I have never seen.

Every day that you show up to TRAIN you should have a goal. Are you trying to hit your personal record for reps on the bench at 80% max weight? Trying to get an insane pump out of your bicep workout so you can’t lift your arms tomorrow? Are you really tired today and just driven to push through your workout, even if its a little weak? No matter what the goal is, visualize it in the car on your way, or in the locker room when you arrive.

We need to be realistic with ourselves, but should always be pushing ourselves.

All if this is not to say that you are not going to get results ‘working out.’ It is all fine and well. The point I am trying to make is that if you are working towards something, you should give it all you have whenever you can.

Plan your work and work your plan, or plan to fail.

Many life lessons can be learned in the gym. You are going to get out what you put in. An aesthetic physique is earned. You can’t buy it in any store. You can’t put it on and take it off. You have to want it.

Now put your game face on.

Put your rowdy pump up beats on your phone with your fuck you headphones on your head at max volume.

Make a plan in advance, ignore the world, and destroy the gym today.