The WHO — not the band but rather the World Health Organization — recommends that sugar account for roughly 5% of your daily calories. The number used to be 10%, which was dropped in 2014, most likely as a reactive move to the current obesity epidemic.

For many of us, there are 3 staple meals in our day and those are Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner. Our body doesn’t care, however, and it is going to get hungry whenever it feels like it. Usually at times that we don’t want and we’re left scrambling for something to satisfy our uncontrollable need to feed.

Snack time can either be a detriment to our overall health & fitness or a wonderfully orchestrated bridge to our next large meal.

Here’s a selection of delicious items I tend to reach for when hunger strikes and I’m not quite ready for a full meal.

Fruit and Nuts

As the saying goes, “an apple a day, keep the doctor away.” Fruit is filled with countless mineral and vitamins and can be a good source of quick energy. While nuts such as almonds are packed with healthy fats, antioxidants and can help regulate your blood sugar — among other things. Grab life by the nuts!

Lenny and Larry’s Cookies

Do you like cookies ranging from Chocolate Chip, Birthday Cake to Lemon Poppy Seed? Would you like a cookie that is a good source of Protein & Fiber while being low in fat? Do you hate high fructose syrup, cholesterol and artificial sweeteners?

Well then look no further then Lenny and Larry’s Cookies. 11 flavors to chose from and packed with healthy nutrition. The joy of eating a delicious cookie without the guilt afterwards.

Muscle Pharm Combat Bars

If you like candy bars but know that perhaps that isn’t the best approach to fulfilling your hunger … Well then Combat Bars are a gift from the Snack gods.

I’ll grab a cup of coffee and one of these and I’m in heaven. Low in sugar & net carbs and come in at a measly 210 calories per bar. Worth it!

Puffins Cereal

I don’t care how old you are, you never stop loving cereal. If you ever look at a label nowadays, it either has tons of sugar or has “other carbohydrates.” What the hell does that mean?!

Fear not, Puffins Cereal is here to save the day. Delicious with flavors such as Peanut Butter & Honey Rice and only 240 calories per 2 servings (lets be honest, who has one small serving of cereal?!). Grab that bowl and spoon with confidence.

Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich

I used to hate these as a kid, no joke. Well not anymore as I have two a day some days.

Grab yourself some Ezekiel bread (normally in the freezer section), some sugar free jelly and some Nuts ‘N More Protein Peanut Butter. Great source of carbs, low in sugars and a good source of protein. Win across the board.

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