FitMill — Now in 15+ stores across west and south India

FitPhilia started it’s journey two years ago by introducing smart fitness equipment in the Indian market. More recently they have registered phenomenal growth for their ‘FitMill’ treadmill brand.

Experience FitMill

Initially FitMill was launched with a Direct to Consumer e-tailing model, but consumers were eager to check the product physically — and some even visited earlier FitMill buyers to get a first hand feel! Quickly plugging this gap, FitMill is tying up with reputed dealers across metros and mini metros in West and South India.

FitMill: Value proposition and pricing appreciated by channel.

Ali, CEO of Zainab Alis, fitness and sports store in Mumbai said “Serious fitness enthusiasts used to affix their iPad and multitask while running on their treadmill — FitMill is a much more elegant solution. It is also priced very competitively and there is no premium for the game changing immersive experience.”

Within a few weeks itself, more than 15 dealers in cities — Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Bangalore, Panaji, Kolhapur, Coimbatore, Bhopal, Indore have bought more than 100 FitMill treadmills. Overwhelmed by the channel’s response, Fitphilia is now looking to expand across premium dealers in North and East for it’s FitMill brand. Enquiries from SriLanka have also flowed in!

So what makes FitPhilia’s products special?

Well, it has created a space for smart fitness equipment in the B2C market which was pretty much non-existent earlier. What has worked for FitPhilia is creation of their own fitness operating system called ‘FitWay’ which they use on their smart equipment. With a mission of Making Fitness a Habit, they help customers attain better fitness levels using technology present in FitWay.

Nirav Patil, CEO at FitPhilia said “People understand the need for a smart equipment which gives them motivation because they know that they cannot use ordinary treadmills in the long run. Boredom, lack of motivation and quality training are the major problems of this sector which we solve with our platform FitWay.”

Consumers delighted by the FitMill experience.

SriLaxmi, an owner of FitMill P1 said “I like the workouts, they push me beyond my usual comfort zone, but it never seems like I am going to injure myself.” Rishi Gupta, another owner of FitMill said “I used the treadmill today morning for the first time. Loved the immersive experience. 30 minutes just flew past! You guys have done a fantastic job. Keep it up.”

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