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Design-infused organizations

It takes a long time to become a design-infused organization. Many have yet to make the transition. Some organizations are approaching it. These organizations value design enough to hire and embed designers in every project. They see how design is a competitive advantage.

This article talks about the benefit and impact design can have on a company. It gives advice see design from user perspective, talks about the necessity of vision and the continuous learning culture teams should incorporate.

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Preparing Organizations to Become Design-Infused

Sender & Recipient experiences
This concept is a result of analysing human behaviour and how to solve them with technology. The car mode of a phone could help drivers to keep a conversation without even touching the phone anymore. This time it’s not about verbal input, it’s about the support of drivers concentrations.

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Shift — The end of texting while driving?

Using feedback
Integrating feedback into product design can be challenging and sometimes critique can disrupt the process. This article talks about how to use feedback and validate it. For instances: not every data-driven decision is straightforward.

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Two Lessons For Using Feedback

Method: Low-Fi Wireframing
Low-fi wireframes will save you time and heartache by helping you structure your site content effectively. This article talks about methods, dos and don’ts, gives examples and includes the consideration of activity into wireframing.

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How to design a low-fi wireframe

Ebook: Visual Storytelling
UXPin is a product design platform and produces from time to time interesting ebooks which they offer to download. This time it’s an interesting ebook about visual storytelling in web. Besides visual analysis it contains helpful design advices.

The Visual Storyteller’s Guide to Web UI Design

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