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Architects = or ≠ UX Designers

Every state has its own building code that architects and developers must comply with. In fact, in order to receive a permit for building construction, the architect has to submit a plan with the site’s existing conditions, along with a proposal for future development — not unlike a design proposal.

This interesting article compares the thinking, methodologies and journey process between architects and ux designers.

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What UX Designers can Learn from Architects

Persuasive Patterns
The usability of an offer is just one part of the coin. Building on user behaviour can increase the overall experience and persuasive patterns are one key element. Learning from others and don’t reinvent the wheel every time. This article gives example of persuasive patterns, explains the motivation and behaviours and analysis mechanics.

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Beyond Usability: Designing With Persuasive Patterns

Design solution
How can design help to educate people? This article is about how Google’s Primer team approached the user experience and how to guide users through lessons and show display success.

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Making Learning Easy by Design

Aestethic Re-design Stories
Redesigning an offer is mostly exiting and challenging at the same time. It’s obviously not only about the visual layer or the consumer facing side of an offer. It’s about deeper implications that come through a redesign.

In the beginning of the visual design process it’s about imagination. With it’s easy to get an overview how these could look like based on a bunch of examples.


Tool: Fontlab
Working with fonts everyday get you to a point to see differences even in tiny little details. Working on a project to express the characteristics with a font let you search for the right font. But even creating your own font is a completer different level. It’s way more time consuming, but you get the chance to influence everything of your font.
The professional and newly launch FontLab VI a tool to create fonts and all attributes.

FontLab VI

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