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11 different deliverable formats
Depended on the project I’ll select the deliverable that fits the purpose and on top handles expectations.
This article gives an overview about the most commonly and shared UX deliverables.

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Which UX Deliverables Are Most Commonly Created and Shared?

Autocomplete Animations
I personally think animations are key to rethink visuals. Creating animations on completely digital is an effort which pretty much depends on the tools you’re using.
This article is about the new autocompletion tool that Microsoft Research has just introduced.

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Microsoft Research Debuts Autocomplete For Animation

Simple Animations in Sketch
As animations can be the key of clean user interface and information communication, I struggle with using different tools to reach that goal.
This article is about using a Sketch workflow to create simple animations.

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Animate icons with Sketch and SVG

Front-end Dev Handbook
Every now and them I get in touch with Front-end Developer or have to define specifications.
The Front-end Developer Handbook is a really helpful website to find what you need about this topic.

Front-end Developer Handbook

Tool: Floid
I am really keen about new UX tools every time and have to try them. As a new tool is released almost every week, this is the one of the current week.
It’s an UX animation tool, like it’s right now the next big steps for all Interface tools.