Simo “The White Death” Hayha

11–16–16, Brian

Simo Hayha is probably one of the biggest badasses to walk the earth. He was born in 1905 in rural Finland. Finland had a 1 year mandatory military service, after which for Simo joined the Civil Guard to help his homeland with stopping the rooskies from trying to invade Finland.

My man has over 500 kills via sniper rifle to his name. This meant him and his 31 buddies were holding off 4,000 Soviets. So how did the Finns win? Every morning Simo would climb a tree with just a gun and enough food for the day. He would let the Russians cross the border then pick them off one at a time. He was referred to as “The White Death” and was so feared by the Russians that they would drop bombs all throughout the forest, hoping to hit him. They never hit him, but he did get put into a coma when he was hit by an explosive sniper bullet. He fell out of the tree and took a cool 11 day nap until he woke up on the day the war ended.

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