Engine types

Alright boyos this FFOTD is best enjoyed but clicking the provided links and enjoying the animated visuals. Unfortunately the animations are not gifs, so I couldn’t figure out how to embed them. What we’re looking at today is a few different types of engines. What got me interested in researching this is that I know Mazda uses a type of engine that no other major car manufacturer in the world uses. They use a Mazda Wankel engine, also called a rotary engine. It looks like this:

Basic engines have the same four phases: intake, compression, power (combustion), and exhaust. This is easiest to visualize in a 4 stroke engine, where the piston moves down for intake, up for compression, down for power, and back up for exhaust. 1 stroke per phase.

A 2 stroke engine is able to do the same four phases in just two strokes, which is hard to describe with words so you should just watch the animation.

These are more powerful but less efficient and more pollutive than 4 stroke engines, a common unfortunate trade-off that comes with power. A rotary engine is cool because it is able to do all 4 of the phases at the same time in different parts of the engine. These are very powerful and have fewer moving parts but have not been widely adopted. I encourage you to check out the other engines and their animations too, they’re memorizing.

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