You can now pay someone to name your baby

“There’s an expert for that”

8–16–16, Adil

Professional naming experts say the wrong moniker can doom children to a lifetime of misfortune, and apparently several parents buy into this mentality. Professional services have popped up in the US and Europe to aid parents with naming their children for a fee. Parents find themselves hiring a consultant because they can’t agree with one another, are feeling overwhelmed, or have to navigate a careful cultural bridge such as picking an “American” name that will be easy for relatives abroad to pronounce, say the experts.

Example of one such company: Switzerland-based agency Erfolgswelle. The price, you ask? Just a measly $29,000 for every baby it names. His firm charges this after devoting 2 to 3 weeks and around 100 hours of work to the process. Under advisement from parents, they look for names with connotations of success, fun, etc.

So when it comes time and you just can’t decide, don’t worry — you boyos making that $$$VC$$$ have a solid option here.

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