The Most Lopsided Football Game Ever

8–17–16, Brian

It was 1916, Cumberland College at Georgia Tech. Before we get into the game, you need some context. Earlier in the year, these two schools played in baseball. Cumberland gave GT the work, running up the score with a team that allegedly included professional players. The coach of the GT baseball team was John Heisman. Fast forward to football season. Cumberland and GT have a contract to play that season, but Cumberland has discontinued it’s baseball team. The coach of GT, John Heisman, notified CC that he demand they play the game or pay GT for lost income (they would have to pay the modern equivalent of $65k if they don’t show, according to original contract). So a student manager of the CC football teams gets about a dozen of his frat boys together to build the CC baseball “team.” Add this to the fact that margin of victory, regardless of opponent, factored into the national rankings at the time, and you’ve got bad news for the Cumberland College Bulldogs. In the entire game, neither team managed a first down. CC never got close and GT either got a first down or scored on every single play. CC had only a handful of positive plays. After the first quarter, GT led 63–0. The game ended 222–0. The scoring per quarter slowed because they shortened their quarters from 15 to 12.

Additionally, GT did not attempt a single pass the whole game. The GT offense finished with 978 yards on 40 attempts. Notice this is not equal to 40 (the number of touchdowns for GT) times 7 points per TD… Cumberland’s golden star came when they blocked an extra point by building a human pyramid. The CC offense, however, managed -28 yards by going 2–18 passing and 14 yards plus their -42 yards on 27 rushing attempts and had 15 turnovers (9 fumbles 6 ints). John Heisman certainly got his revenge on Cumberland, as the Georgia Tech Engineers went on to be national champions.

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