Seedless Plants

Seedless plants are super interesting. A seedless variety is created by cross pollinating plants such that the plant has three chromosomes. This makes meiosis very difficult because all the chromosomes can’t match up for reproduction. So no seeds are produced. This plant cannot reproduce, so they need a way to grow more of them. Sometimes they will use grafting — where they cut off a young branch of the seedless plant and basically just tape it to the branch of a normal plant.

Seems legit
Who was the first person that tried this?

Also, sometimes the plant will need fertilization to produce fruit, so they will be put next to a normal plant to provide pollen. A negative consequence is that virtually all the fruit produced is genetically identical, making them extremely vulnerable to viruses or other infections. In fact, the current species of banana we eat is in danger of getting wiped out due to a new disease that has been affecting them. This species replaced a species that was completely wiped out in the 50s.

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