Why Don’t Hotels Have Ceiling Lights?

I’ve always been frustrated by this, and my hotel in DC made me look into it. It turns out there are several reasons. When constructing the building, it is extremely fast, cheap, and easy to build the walls by laying concrete with no regard for things like lights, room walls, etc. Building this way also leaves no cavity between floors to run wire through. Next, think about the value per unit length of height of the building. No ceiling light or fan means lower ceilings, which means more floors (and therefore rooms) per vertical unit length. Marking out where the lights will go in each room would also make room layout (both where the rooms go in a floor and where the furniture goes in a room) less flexible. Add all these snippets to the incredible ease of plugging lamps into the wall in lieu of overhead lighting, and you’re left with a frustratingly low likelihood of entering a reasonably priced hotel room with sufficient overhead lighting.

The ceiling of one room is the floor of another, so there’s nowhere for electrical wiring
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