NBA Preview — When the Trade Deadline Becomes a Bad Thriller Movie

We’re still far enough away from the deadline that nearly anything feels possible

What the trade deadline noise feels like right now…

Last night, Twitter exploded with trade rumors. Or, more specifically, what several users thought were trade rumors in the form of a tweet from Boston Celtics player Isaiah Thomas. And, to be fair, the tweet was pretty provocative given the time of year.

In the aftermath of Thomas’ tweet, many on Twitter kept expecting more news to drop. It never did, and we were all left confused. Maybe this all would have been more toned-down if DeMarcus Cousins hadn’t been traded right after the All-Star Game (!), but the reality of trades broken on Twitter and instant news makes everything a little more tense.

Thomas’ teammate Jae Crowder later followed with his own tweet:

Maybe last night demonstrates more than anything else how much power social media and the players themselves have to mess with the average fan. Thomas may not have been trying to spread empty rumors’ but Crowder’s tweet is pretty clearly a clever troll job. Players can quickly and easily interact with millions, and last night showed some of the effects of this access.

I get why many people hate the period right before the trade deadline. The impending deals make everyone a little tense, and the lack of games means that there’s literally nothing else in the basketball world to talk about or focus on. Rumors are often nothing but a waste of time.

But even if the cacophony of voices and fake rumors makes the NBA feel like the set to a poorly-produced action or thiller movie, the deadline can also be a lot of fun to follow. The players clearly care a lot about what’s happening right now (as they should), and they often get news right before the general public does. And if not, they show the lighter side of their personalities by messing with people.

In any case, there are a few more days left before the trade deadline. That means there’s still plenty of time left to kill before everything is over.

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