How to practice 5 Minutes a day

We invite you to a simple, everyday practice, which has the potential to enable you to receive the world news not only intellectually, but also emotionally and physically, in other words as a whole human being.

All you need is to set aside 5 minutes and do the following:

· Be in a quiet, comfortable place. Set your timer to 5 minutes.

· Close your eyes and collect yourself for a few breaths

· Look at the image or the headline which is your object of contemplation (either one from this publication or any news you have in front of you.)

· Observe your reactions.

What is your first impression when looking at the image?

How far can you open yourself to it? Can you create a relation between the image and yourself? Does your mind react to it? Can you get in touch with your emotions? How does your body feel? Stay with whatever you encounter and observe as consciously as possible how your mind and senses interact with the image/headline.

Try not to search for an interpretation. Don’t try to position yourself intellectually to the subject. Just expose yourself to the raw impressions. Notice when you feel overwhelmed, agitated, or numb. Don’t change anything. Just observe and stay with your focus on the experience.