The top 5 ways to publish a website

Cody Hansen
Jun 29, 2018 · 4 min read

Today we’re taking a look at the top 5 ways to make, edit, and publish a fully functional website. We’re going to list them with link to their respective website, as well as their difficulty rating.

1. Squarespace

Difficulty: Easy

Squarespace is a simple, but functional website development web application. It’s free to start but there are premium options that you may want to look into. Their main goal is to allow people to simply create a website. They offer a variety of templates for you to use with ease.

We recommend using Squarespace if your project is simple, and needs to be done in a timely manner. If you’re releasing a project we recommend using Shopify (if you don’t want to get your hands dirty) although we don’t have Shopify on this list today.

Visit Squarespace


Difficulty: Pretty easy is similar to Squarespace in that it allows you to create a website from within their website. But we’re listing higher than Squarespace because you can manage your WordPress website from your phone. Seriously. They have an app on iOS for iPhone, iPad, and even Mac.

We recommend using if you’re looking for a more customizable website that is functional and has great community support all around. WordPress currently powers around 18% of the internet! So a ton of people have used this tool and are willing help you throughout your journey.


3. Wix & Weebly

Difficulty: Easy

We listed Six and Weebly together because of their similarities. They aren’t much different from Squarespace and but they do have many templates for you to use and are free for the most part.

We recommend using Wix and Weekly if you want to make a website and forget about it. There isn’t much maintenance required and they update themselves to the internet’s standards.

Visit Wix

Visit Weebly

4. Webflow

Difficulty: Hard

We don’t want to give the wrong idea. Webflow is difficult, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t great. We love Webflow and use it daily. Webflow is a graphic version of HTML and CSS. It has all the elements you would expect and it allows you to export your website into raw code (for a premium).

We recommend using Webflow if you need the utmost customization possible. It is free to start but the high quality template options and the exporting code feature are not free. If you understand HTML and CSS Webflow will come easy to you. But if you don’t have money to hire someone we recommend using the 3 listed above.

Visit Webflow


Difficulty: Moderate is a software that you download onto a server that hosts your website domain. It sounds difficult but most hosting companies will install WordPress for you or will present a button that allows you t do it yourself.

WordPress is extremely simple to use once you get the basics down and we use it more than twice a day. There are millions of users willing to help you. You can install plugins, themes, and customize most of everything. And best of all, it’s COMPLETELY FREE!


Summing it up

All in all there are plenty of simple and easy ways for anyone to make a website. It mostly depends on what you’re after.

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**All websites and brands listed above were used in conjunction with their respective brand guidelines and terms of service. If you are a brand representative and would like to discuss website listing removal please contact us or leave a reply.


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