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4 min readSep 10, 2020


Since 2010, Fiverr has been revolutionizing work through its on-demand global freelance marketplace for digital services.

Fiverr is so much more than a marketplace. We’re leveling the playing field for freelancers by enabling anyone, anywhere, to use their talents to make a living.

Businesses come to Fiverr to get things done, to kick off new projects and see their vision come to life. As a company we have very clear values and a purpose and we wanted to evolve our brand so it reflects our vision in a new, yet consistent way that builds on our existing legacy while moving it forward.

Fiverr has a close relationship with its community — buyers and sellers-real people who make this platform what it is and enrich it with amazing freelance digital skills, services across multiple categories.

Fiverr is a powerful and unique brand and has a positive DNA that we definitely wanted to keep growing. When we decided to refresh the brand, it became clear that this work is going to be about evolving the brand to match who we are today and not reinventing it.

In order to do this work, the Fiverr design and brand team partnered up with Koto Branding Agency, as we loved their work and their way of thinking. Throughout the refresh process we had close conversations with our community members and Fiverr employees in order to understand their relationship with the brand and how they saw it had grown over the last ten years since it was founded.

Logo and wordmark

Our logo is our brand’s most important element. Our is logo is a unique, modern and bold signifier of the Fiverr brand. The period in the new design acts as a nod to the old Fiverr brand, repositioning the Fiverr Circle as a period at the end of the wordmark.

To accompany our wordmark, we also designed a ligature to function in smaller spaces. The ‘fi’ ligature is shorthand for our wordmark, repurposing the period as a holding shape.


In place of the single Fiverr color, we now have four distinct colors that form our brand’s primary palette. We added these consistently across all of our communications. Fiverr Green will always be our lead color, but now we accompany it with a range of tones which can come together for a wide array of color combinations.


We use a mix of two typefaces in order to visualize the dialogue between buyers, sellers and teams on Fiverr. The typefaces we work with are Domaine and Macan. Both have unique qualities and have a clear and legible structure as well as a variety of weights to support the hierarchy of information across all of our communications.


Photography is vital to the Fiverr brand. Our community is what makes Fiverr and photography allows us to celebrate the people at our core, the buyers and sellers, their energy, their passion and their innovation. All of our portrait and lifestyle photography is authentic, no models were used and we were pleased to invite actual community members to take part in this photoshoot done by the photographer Jai Lenard

Brand Elements

Fiverr is an inherently digital product. Harnessing UI elements that are unique to our product, such as gig cards, search bars and messaging. By implementing these elements as a core part of our brand enables us to create brand and marketing communications that are organic to Fiverr’s offering.

In the next few months, as Fiverr moves forward embracing this new direction, the refreshed brand elements and visuals will be implemented in our product, marketing materials and advertising. We’re pleased to have saved the best from the past, so the Fiverr brand continues to be familiar and consistent, while also expanding to a bright new future.

Fiverr: Duncan Bird, Zach Dioneda
Koto: James Greenfield, Arthur Foliard, Joe Ling, Alice Walker, Rosie Connors



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