420 Engineers still needed

Emuobosa Onerhime
Sep 23, 2019 · 3 min read

Today marks the beginning of our attempt to help software engineers from around the world, after 420 engineers were let go by Andela.

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Corporate Responsibility

Last week Saturday, Flutterwave, a very popular payment company played a role by bringing together prospective employers to software engineers let go by Andela and any others who loved taking chances.

Our kind of deal

Fix Dealer hosts a freelance platform that connects industrial workers to solve problems for people. We are setting the records straight by saying:

We want people hired and it doesn’t matter whether they already have full time work. We want project owners to have access to them and on the flip side, ensure they get paid for work done. Making this happen is our kind of deal.

Job vacancies, gigs or all inclusive?

Over the weekend, lots of critics asked whether we are competing with Jobberman, Andela and other agencies, even Turing. Our bold answer is NO. We are actually friends. We hope engineers get regular work. As a matter of fact, we would share opportunities whenever we can. Here is why.

420 ENGINEERS NEEDED — 4 employees do what 2 engineers decide @fixdealer
420 ENGINEERS NEEDED — 4 employees do what 2 engineers decide @fixdealer
We have come to get them hired as frequently as daily

When people don’t have regular work to do, they get bored. They become less aware of the opportunities around them. The scary event of hiring them for one project and finding that they cannot take another is a real challenge. They need to survive so the projects become their primary source of income. Working in lack makes it difficult for people to be as creative as they should be for a great performance in projects. For this reason, we want them hired today, tomorrow and as repeatedly as daily.

Understanding the future

The future of work is remote. Many people have related this subject to the fact that most jobs would be done from a remote desk. This is such that:

Working remotely in the future would not only mean sitting down at any location to solve problems from anywhere. It would also mean forgetting about space and paying more attention to getting work done on time.

Fix Dealer focuses on enhancing project communication and providing the assurance that the experts need to get work done. We ensure that project owners are committed so from time to time, we get more papers signed.

Meeting the real need

Software engineers don’t need full time work any longer. They need full time security!

While full time work is important, people are more secure when they own their growth. Imagine that a tree could only grow when you touch it. There would most likely be 10 year old short trees. Imagine that a child only grows when you hug him. We would probably have 50 year old kids alive today.

Growth is internal. We believe in building portfolio for industrial workers. We seek to give them tracks for writing their stories. We take the mantle and give to them so they can build successful careers.

Nothing hurts more than losing work opportunity, even the thought of it.

We don’t want this to hurt any longer. That’s why we are here to help industrial workers grow the right way, from within; getting hired independently, based on visible merit.

If you’re a software engineer, you can partner with us here: www.fixdealer.com/partner. Let’s build your career together!

Emuobosa Onerhime

Written by

The entrepreneur whose hustle is to get people hired and paid for work they do.

Fix Dealer Mantle

We were mandated to get work done differently. We took chances. Here is what happened afterwards.

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