Finishing Strong in 2019 — Getting Ready for 2020

Emuobosa Onerhime
Nov 6, 2019 · 3 min read

This year, 2019 has been great for the team at Fix Dealer. We got new partners and team mates. We have also made friends indeed with whom we shared cup cakes. Here are some of the friends we made this year:

Fix Dealer also received cup cakes from Decagon — and we shared too!

Now it’s your turn! We have curated some service providers to help you finish 2019 feeling strong. Here’s how you can get ready for the year 2020:

Get branding done right

We introduced the Designs category which gives you access to service providers who would help you build your branding, customize work accessories and clothing to fit your brand and sew clothes for your events.

Here is how your roll up banner can speak to your audience

Need some branding materials for your business? Click here to request a roll up banner from Printipy. You can find other services in their profile.

Sell property and space smarter

Have you been struggling to sell your property? Do you have a hotel that needs guests through the end of this year and beyond?

Using Virtual Reality, you can thrill those who view your property by showing them aerial views and 360 experiences to feel before they buy.

Aerial Panorama of a hotel room — all en-suite

Now give us one reason, just one, why you wouldn’t want to spend a night at this hotel in the coming holidays! When you find the reason, you can tell us here. Meanwhile, if you’re looking forward to sell like this, click here.

Get your construction site ready

Some people bought land this year. We would like to say to them, a big Congratulations! It’s a good idea to start work on the land and who knows? A dream property can be ready for the year 2020.

We have made sure you can hire heavy duty equipment to prepare your piece of land for building. If your piece of land is in a water logged area, watch this:

Swamp Buggy at work — clearing debris

We are ready when you are ready. If you are ready to start building on your land but want to get debris out of the way, click here to hire a Swamp Buggy and get work done so you can start on or before the year 2020.

Use technology to improve your business

Are we still in the 21st Century? What a long century it has been. Technology has changed the game for many businesses already.

Global is the new goal and feedback is the new oil

This year, we started building technology for a company to provide financial services. We hired Ifeanyi, our first contracted software engineer, to get started on that service. He got a 2nd offer! Click here to see his testimony.

A website that makes you feel better

It’s best practice to show customers how they should feel. Building a tech interface isn’t enough to do the drill. We believe Maya.

How are your customers feeling today? Build web apps that would teach them how to feel about your business. Click here to get started.

We are ready for the year 2020. Are you? If not, here’s your chance to get started. Otherwise, click here to recommend ways we can help.

You can call as well. Just dial +234 906 254 7025 and we would pick up.

We are always here to help!

Fix Dealer Mantle

We were mandated to get work done differently. We took chances. Here is what happened afterwards.

Emuobosa Onerhime

Written by

The entrepreneur whose hustle is to get people hired and paid for work they do.

Fix Dealer Mantle

We were mandated to get work done differently. We took chances. Here is what happened afterwards.

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