Emuobosa Onerhime
Oct 7, 2019 · 2 min read

Working full time is the biggest dream come true when the perks include a great amount of money as salary with benefits such as equity, extra allowances, plenty of holiday, and more.

However, most times, people forget to match Statement of Works (SoW) with the scale of Cost / Rewards for completing jobs successfully.

Understanding Works, Completing Jobs and Fulfilling Project Objectives

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Every task requires some work to be done to the extent that value would be earned. In opportunities to work full time, employees often tend not to understand the risks associated with losing time. Companies come across these problems often with employees in Technology Development roles.

When a software developer is hired to work full time for a company, he/she is tested, passed through several interviews and then given a chance. At this point, the software developer is given a role in a project or cause.

Jobs are given on a case by case basis. There is no such thing as a full time job.

When hired to take up roles, employees are given jobs to do every now and then. Job completion contributes to the success of project milestones.

Every project has objectives. There is a reason why the project was started in the first place. Projects are lined up in a manner that they would help the company (project owner) achieve set goals.

Developing Skills, Building Portfolio and Enhancing Career Growth

Anyone who gets hired for the very first time should start as an intern. Learning with a company is important to understand expectations for their industry. Before portfolio can be developed, there must be tests.

When good jobs are done by the new employee, the next step required is documentation of portfolio. While developing a CV is good, having a track record of completed jobs is a prerequisite to career growth.

Career growth is important for every individual. Employed or not, focus on this is not negotiable. Learning, working or taking both steps can happen at the same time. Learning doesn’t mean attending every seminar. It simply means being deliberate about searching for knowledge and using it.

Industrial workers can solve problems for people while working full time

Fix Dealer encourages employers to hire people who have built portfolio by posting projects that may last for up to 2 years. We are also working with vocational institutions by referring people to free learning opportunities.

For those doing well, we are enabling access to opportunities to work full time with effective moderation that would be fair for both parties; employers and employees, project owners and contractors.

Who says working full time must be for the same client? Growth is the responsibility of the worker. Being deliberate is needful.

How are you growing? Learning, working or taking both steps? Get help!

Fix Dealer Mantle

We were mandated to get work done differently. We took chances. Here is what happened afterwards.

Emuobosa Onerhime

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The entrepreneur whose hustle is to get people hired and paid for work they do.

Fix Dealer Mantle

We were mandated to get work done differently. We took chances. Here is what happened afterwards.

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