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What the Covid-19 Pandemic means to Fix Dealer — rebuilding the economy!

Emuobosa Onerhime
Mar 23 · 3 min read
Corona virus (COVID-19 pandemic) affects the global economy

In view of recent events on the outbreak of Corona Virus since December 2019, we have stayed together as a team at Fix Dealer. We have decided to focus on supporting people to start working and learning new skills remotely.

We are not frightened by the situation but we are optimistic that we can all overcome the challenges this season has brought upon all of us. We sympathize with those whose families have been affected, those in isolation and their relatives. We would win this so let us have faith.

As a company, we seek to help anyone who has a business or school that depends on an offline model with subsidized training and support to reconnect virtually with their work colleagues or school students.

Maintain social distance and stay connected

If you have a business affected in any way, please reach out by clicking here. We would contact you and let you know how we can help with free tools.

To help us provide this support, companies would be required to sponsor our collaboration by providing a token (equivalent to $20 — ₦7,525) to acquire resources for taking them through the exercise of staging their business online.

Stay connected with work and family

Here are some highlights on our provision:

  1. Basic orientation on best known remote working and learning practices that help teams stay connected.
  2. Guidelines for regimentation to improve service delivery and the achievement of learning goals.
  3. Hosting virtual conferences of up to 1,000 people with community development guides and tips that keep your audience active.
  4. Earning more trust and commitment from teams working and learning remotely with tools that help them stay productive.
  5. Saving better by reducing workload and cutting costs that still guarantee excellent results from remote working and learning.

This programme organized by our team, has been subsidized for companies and schools on a first come, first serve basis. We hope that in the course of our growth, we can support more companies and schools today and in the future.

To get free support from our partner communities for hosting your virtual meetings or conferences, please click here or call us on +234 906 254 7025.

Alternatively, schools can get support to revamp their programmes and setup virtual learning platforms for students. Click here to sign up with 80% discount.

This is a season that we need to stay safe and healthy as we maintain social distance while we work as recommended by World Health Organisation.

All of us at Fix Dealer sincerely hope that while you maintain social distance, you can stay connected with people in your family and business.

Meanwhile, please stay safe and healthy!

Fix Dealer Mantle

We were mandated to get work done differently.

Emuobosa Onerhime

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The entrepreneur whose hustle is to get people hired and paid for work they do.

Fix Dealer Mantle

We were mandated to get work done differently. We took chances. Here is what happened afterwards.

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