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Announcement #1001 — November 2020

FixLine is a new type of Ethereum based blockchain betting platform. To celebrate our launch, we’re kicking off the holiday season by giving away stickers. For Thanksgiving, we will give away these cute characters at the dinner.

What is an NFT? A non fungible token is art, usually looks like a picture, that can be used in the gaming industry or in collectible transactions. You can purchase or trade on a decentralized website like Rarible or SuperRare using a decentralized wallet like Metamask.

What can you do with the FixLine NFT? Whatever you want. You can resell it on a marketplace like OpenSea or use it for your holiday e-card, as the NFT’s come with the png file.

How do I get the FixLine NFT?

· Follow us on Twitter —

· Follow us on Discord —

Once part of the Discord, comment which NFT you would like. Mention elf, reindeer, penguin, fox, raccoon or bear. We will DM you instructions from there!

If you don’t have Discord, you can hit us up on Telegram —

Betting can be overwhelming. FixLine wanted a new way of betting by combining it with something else. So for people who want to take a bet, we’ve made it a game. For people who want to provide liquidity, we’ve made a bet designer to make it as flexible as possible. For people who want to earn passive income as investors, we’ve made it a yield farm. For creative people who love art, we’ve added an NFT component. Many new announcements are coming soon, so joining our community will keep you up to date!



FixLine is a fun, interactive DeFi Ethereum P2P betting dApp.

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