Refreshing FIXR for organisers

Let me quickly introduce myself. I, Chris, joined the team here at FIXR just over a year ago to head up product design. Historically, my experience has been in larger companies, working on huge products for the likes of Transport for London, Compare the Market and Deliveroo, so I revelled in the opportunity to help make waves in a UK-based start up in the heart of London.

The mantra here is simple; shake up the stagnant world of ticketing with a modern, innovative and exciting set of products, suited to manic student lifestyles. In the past year for we’ve released our new website, iOS app and Android app which focused on ‘speed of purchase’, localisation and free e-ticket transfers — simply put, no-bulls**t ticket buying.

We then set about applying that same design theory for our event organisers, the majority of which are still at uni or left in the past 5 years and no; life doesn’t slow down. They run events on the side — inbetween lectures or on their lunch break — so digging around in the settings of a decade-old ticketing website is a waste of precious time.

Hence the new FIXR Organiser was born, and with it, chiselled out of an imaginary slab of marble, FIXR’s 3 oaths to organisers.

1. Thou shalt first think mobile

Please. It’s 2017. I should be able to check out sales, withdraw funds or even launch my event from the toilet if I want to.

2. Always KISS. (Keeping It Simple, Stupid)

Instagram is great because it’s simple. Sure, you have alternatives where you can upload your camera specs with shutter speed, ISO setting and post-production techniques, but the majority of people prefer the stress-free hygge vibes that come from using a well-thought-through simple product. Woosah.

3. Blessing you with knowledge

The true value of a service is more than completing it’s desired function — you should come away more informed and that’s our ultimate goal. By ticketing thousands of events, we are gaining a wealth of knowledge, which we want to pass on to you. It’s currently in it’s infancy, but the aim is to provide industry-leading analytics for event ticketing. Watch this space…

Gain early access to the new FIXR Organiser at As always, we are delighted to hear your thoughts and suggestions, so please email us at