I built my Linkedin Groups Bot to break algorithms

Designers are responsible for more than just creating visually appealing designs. They are accountable for solving problems and simplifying experiences in ethical or unethical ways.

Scenario and Challanges

However, due to a lack of time and a lot of work due to working from home, I was unable to spend time accepting requests from members, so I had to spend an entire weekend doing so. On one day, I received over 32,000 requests to join the group. (The screenshot below was taken while the automation bot was running.)

You can only approve 50 requests at a time on Linkedin groups, after which new dynamic content will be loaded.

(I come from a programming background, so I understand the logic, but my terminology may be incorrect.🙄)

If someone starts approving requests 50–50, it will take more than 10–12hrs to approve all of them.

I was looking for hacks, tips, and tricks to automate group requests last year. There were a lot of connection requests and other tools, but none of them was related to the group.

I modified and converted the bulk connection requests script to bulk group requests script (Works only for a single page)

var x = document.querySelectorAll('.groups-manage-group-admin-actions__primary-action.artdeco-button--secondary.mh2.artdeco-button.artdeco-button--2.artdeco-button--primary');(function accept(i) {if(i < x.length) {setTimeout(() => {x[i].click();accept(i + 1);}, 100);}})(0);

This script worked fine in the console, but it wasn’t enough to redirect and approve requests for other pages.

Defining Problem & Ideation

  1. Can run above scripts automatically.
  2. Can refresh the page automatically after a delay.
  3. Can block all the CSS styling to reduce page loading time.


I solved the problem with the help of my coding ninja mind.

I discovered Chrome Extensions that made automating my Linkedin Groups much easier.

1. ScriptAutoRunner

Task 1 — Can run above scripts automatically. — Done

2. Easy Auto Refresh

Task 2 — Can refresh the page automatically after a delay. — Done

3. Disable HTML

Task 3 — Can block all the CSS styling to reduce page loading time. — Done

Design & Usability Testing

I did a lot of experiments and solutions for Usability Testing to fix the delays and rewrite the scripts. I accidentally rejected more than 200 requests from the group due to experiments.

Demo Day


People take shortcuts for one simple reason… because they can! They believe that it is acceptable, that there will be no consequences and even that it is rewarding (“I will save time”, “I will increase results”).

o save time on weekends, I did my best shortcut work! 😁

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