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Florian Hendrickx
Feb 1, 2018 · 5 min read

January 7th 2018, I kicked off my blogging efforts with this 24-minute post on summarizing everything that I found worth keeping in 2017.

I got some great feedback and this post continues my efforts to broadcast the most interesting stuff that I read. So instead of waiting until the year’s over & out, you can now:

Come here every 1st of the month to read some epic stuff!

The endless battle between good & evil

I will postpone categorizing these stories until the end of the year though 😉
For now im just putting them by how I feel:

  • Exciting 😂 , Interesting 👍 or generally any positive feeling.
  • Worrisome 😟 or in general any weird/disturbed or negative feeling.

The end-result (well apparently I am attracted to negative content…)

FJ’s must-read article of the month

This section is reserved for my pick of the month!


Beyond the Bitcoin Bubble — Coolest intro-article I have read. Forget about the investor-mania and understand the real impact that blockchain will have on the world. Read

Exciting 😂 or Interesting 👍

This utopia of driverless hotel 🏨 rooms; made me smile. Keep spreading hope & keep building the future. Read

Big Fucking Overview of CES. Wow. So. Many. Gadgets. Take my money💰!
2018 the year of Voice, connected home, cars and everything wireless?. Read

Advice for First Time Founders. 🚀 A recent gem on everything you’ll probably do wrong the first time. Read

How to compete with the BigCO, where are the opportunities for startups (focused on B2B enterprise software). Read

The real reason why Spaniards eat 🍴 late: For 70 years already, they are living in the wrong time zone. Read

Competitors are about 10 years behind Google Maps! After reading the article I’m amazed about how complex this simple-looking product, really is… Read

Predictions for 2018. The questions everbody has on their mind. Short. Read

The snapping point, has Facebook succeeded in killing 💀 their only new competitor in a decade? And how Snap is organized as a 1-man show. Read

Amazon #Alexa (and not #homekit or #apple) might just be the answer to mass-adopton of home automation devices. Read

Towards a bra-less instagram. 👧 Complains about epic number of advertisements trying to sell her bra’s. Laughing guaranteed. Read

Gamification 🎲 in software: The good & the bad. Read

18 Exponential predictions fo 2018 by MIT! Read

Goverment & economy desperately need new design as we enter the next phase of digital revolution.

The key to the autonomous 🚗 future is bringing down cost of the sensors (LIDAR in particular) and it might be just around the corner. Let’s hope the selfdriving future is here soon. Read

How Amazon Alexa is getting you hooked to get stuff done with voice. Read

A drone 🚁 saved the Lives of Two Teenage Boys in Australia. Gotta love technology & its potential to change the world. Read

Big tech (Amazon, Facebook and Google) are attracting a of anti-trust and monopoly fear. Here’s how they can & will fight back. Read

How to raise a Social-Media Star? Teens are getting famous overnight on Musical.ly 🎵 and Younow 📹. YouTube stars are more influential than mainstream celebrities for these ages… Parenting just got even harder. Read

Startup Assumptions are Like Assholes — Everyone Has One and Most are Full of Shit. You are not Steve Jobs. 🍎 Read

Every day, people are making sure that you don’t see anything disturbing on Facebook by reviewing and removing it quickly. Wow what a nasty job…Read

Risks are intentional uncertainties. Calculate your odds ;) Read

Why blockchain opened up the world to so much more than bitcoin. Bitcoin and fiat are two extremes. What balance will we seek between? Read

Worrisome 😟

YouTube 📹 is trying to clean itself up by making it much harder for small video makers to make money. Good for quality and revenue, but bad for creativity and innovation

The fall of Uber 🚕 CEO Travis Kalanick was a lot weirder and darker than you thought and how fixing that company’s culture won’t be easy… Read

Sometimes you set out to achieve something and you get the opposite. An insider-critic on the SiliconValley. Everyone can now just find a group of assholes to agree with... Read

The problem of Facebook summarized by an early advisor. Facebook’s algorithm optimizes your addiction… How to fix it. Read

Facebook can’t be fixed. Another one on the business 💸 model, but also on how it actually can’t be abandoned. Would you pay a FB subscription? Read

Facebook weighed in: ‘Does spending time on Facebook make us unhappy ? Nope. You’re just doing it wrong. Objectiveness guaranteed! 😉 Read

Marc Benioff, Salesforce Founder/Ceo, says in an interview: regulate Facebook like other addictions (cigarettes, gambling 🎲 etc.). Read

Facebook is using an old drug 💊 dealer tactic to keep its users… Lowering usage is better than overdosing and turning up dead. Read

China is pushing a work ethic that we are not willing to compete with. Read

‘Our minds can be hijacked’: tech insiders fear a smartphone 📴dystopia. Read

People laugh with the trolling phenomenon.This in-depth article of a women who was trolled herself, made me feel sorry for humankind. Read

Did the iphone 📱 battery scandal put a dent in your trust in Apple? People sure are planning to sue. Read

China is implementing a country-wide rating 👍 👎system… Read

In case you missed it: A 20-year old security vulnerability impacted almost every device 💻 📱 in use. Apple, Google and Microsoft and the entire industry all over the world rushed patches… Doomsday hollywood 🎥 scenario’s running through your head yet? Read

Thanks for reading and see you next month!


PS: Don’t miss the launch of the Big Fucking Rocket in Februari 2018!

A 200k$ car inside a rocket going to mars :) “geeky wet-dream” Thx ELON!

Why FJ?

The detailed answer to this question can be found in why blog?.
Talking about my 5 pillars to blog:

  1. Escape your echo chamber 🏠
  2. Journle with a pressure ⏰ to publish
  3. Flush 🚽 your brain in a structured manner
  4. Network Virtually ✋
  5. Broadcasting 📻 information

The #ReadingGems posts are mainly about my desire or even my sense of duty to broadcast information and expand the knowledge of other!
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Sharing what I learn on this epic journey called life. I am a fellow traveller, entrepreneur, business consultant, computer scientist and tech-enthousiast. Reach out!

Florian Hendrickx

Written by

Entrepreneur — Getsleek.co, Business Consultant and ex-computer scientist. Just adding my 2 cents, never claim to be right, sometimes less wrong ;)



Sharing what I learn on this epic journey called life. I am a fellow traveller, entrepreneur, business consultant, computer scientist and tech-enthousiast. Reach out!

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