FlakPhoto Digest #20 — The Constant Moment • Seeing Things • Democratic Language • Robert Frank’s Films

Visual culture for creative minds / August 5, 2016

Love the way he sees → Check out Bradley Peters when you have a sec

Hey Gang! Third installment in this new FlakPhoto Digest format and it’s shaping up nicely. Thanks to those of you who have written me with reactions to this new way of doing things — I appreciate the feedback.

Big news this week is the announcement of the Brighton Photo Biennial program. I’m not going to make it over the pond for the festival but I am going to be teaming up with Photoworks to stage an Instagram exhibition to dovetail with BPB16 in October. We’re putting the finishing touches on the call for submissions — Watch my IG for details.

Lots to look at this week: 4 Instagram photographers to follow and plenty of links to catch up on in the Readables. This too, for the podcast people, Victoria Sambunaris talks landscape photography on Modern Art Notes:

As always, some photo opportunities to consider — Please share:

Finally, I’m recommending books here now too. Really fun tip at the bottom of the post: Joel Meyerowitz is one of the smartest thinking photographers out there. He’s clearly an amazing imagemaker and, man, what a mind. His new book, Seeing Things, is designed for kids but it’s actually a primer for all of us who love looking at and making pictures — simple lessons about how and why photos work and the role they play in our lives. (If only academic texts could read so effectively!) Elegantly designed and illustrated with tons of images, it’s a perfect gift for that creative kiddo in your life.

That’s it for now: grab a drink, relax, and, if you tweet any of these links, feel free to tag me @FlakPhoto so I can see — Enjoy! 🤓

Looking for inspiration? I’m recommending photographers on Instagram every day. Some of this week’s #FlakPhotoRecs include (clockwise, from upper left): Steve Giovinco, Laura Pannack, Derek Shapton, and Michael W. Wilson (follow them!) Submit your work for consideration by tagging me @FlakPhoto in your best images.

Readable / 10 things I’m thinking about this week

  1. How Artists Change the World — The New York Times
  2. The Case of the Trombone and the Mysterious Disappearing Camera — Tribeca
  3. A Mesmerizing Marathon of Robert Frank’s Movies — The New Yorker
  4. The Revenge of Monoculture: The Internet gave us more choices, but the mainstream won anyway — Salon.com
  5. Photography: A Democratic Language Not An Exclusive Club… — The United Nations of Photography
  6. Kitchen Conversations: Keith Baxter — The Criterion Collection
  7. The Brand Power of the Ever-Changing Google Doodle — The Shutterstock Blog
  8. Ruben Lundgren in conversation with Yuan Di, Jiazazhi Press — The Photobook Review
  9. On the Constant Moment — clayton cubitt
  10. Picturing Families in Black and White — The Family Camera Network

PS: I’m sharing photo/arts links on Twitter every day @FlakPhoto

#FlakPhotoBooks What are you looking at this week? My pick: Seeing Things by Joel Meyerowitz

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