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Hey Photo Peeps! Earlier this year I started thinking differently about Instagram. Namely, can the mobile photography app be a creative space for curatorial practice? The answer, I think, is a resounding YES.

Instagram is a pulsing, creative, photographic hive mind — it’s addictive and pleasurable, and tons of fun. It’s also home to many, many talented imagemakers producing incredible work.

So, how do you find them?

For the past ten years my goal has been to use the internet to showcase the photographers who fascinate me. The FlakPhoto project started with a website and has expanded to a Twitter feed, a Facebook page, a Facebook group and now, an Instagram stream.

The way I work keeps evolving and that’s a good thing.

Instagram has become my go-to source for discovering new photography so I’m expanding my curatorial experiment further and recommending photographers on IG every day.

You can find me there @FlakPhoto.

Some of the great photographers I’ve discovered on IG (clockwise, right to left): Niall McDiarmid, Jason Vaughn, Daniel W. Cheek, and Luca Marcelli. Follow them!

I’m always looking and would love to see your work — Submission is FREE and all are welcome to contribute. Plus, it’s fun!

Tag me @FlakPhoto to submit your best IG images for consideration and browse my suggestions at hashtag #flakphotorecs.

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