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National Parks Administration Office success case with their digital platform in Trivia Crack Kingdoms


Argentina’s National Parks Administration Office (APN) was part of the latest edition of FIT, the international tourism fair that takes place every year in Buenos Aires from September 28 to October 2. The organization presented several talks and set up a stand to promote protected areas as tourist destinations. It also presented an installation called “Get to know Argentina Playing with Our National Parks”, which consisted in a traditional trivia game.

Those who visited the stand received general information about the country’s national parks. Later, APN’s team invited visitors to play with 5 questions, whose answers were to be found in Argentina provinces’ stands. Finally, the organization’s team awarded the prize to those who answered correctly.

APN’s team members and the visitors who played at FIT.

APN considered that their activities at FIT were educational enough but lacked new technologies to engage younger visitors. They then decided to innovate with a digital platform to stand out from the rest of the exhibitors at FIT, and so their Marketing department reached out to Flame Ads.

APN and Flame Ads came up with a marketing strategy that kept the educational quality without losing the promotional side of it, while at the same time entertaining users.

Together, they came up with a marketing strategy that kept the educational quality without losing the promotional side of it, while at the same time entertaining users. After an analysis of APN’s needs, the Flame Ads team suggested using Trivia Crack Kingdoms as the best digital platform for their offline quiz game.


In Trivia Crack Kingdoms, questions are divided into themes called “channels”. Users engage a lot with the game since, besides playing, they can suggest, review and translate content. The goal of each session is to collect all kings and queens by answering questions. This creates an addictive and easy-to-access game experience with a great deal of channels and questions.

APN’s verified channel in Trivia Crack Kingdoms (Spanish)

Unlike the classic Trivia Crack app, where players have to answer questions about 6 different topics, in Kingdoms players will see trivias about several different topics (multichannel mode) or about one topic only (unique channel mode). For example, a Harry Potter fan can play in a channel where all questions are about the series or choose more channels about their interests.


The Flame Ads team recommended this platform since it mirrors the original game’s mechanics in an interactive way.

  • Visitors were offered a QR code which took them to the app store to download Trivia Crack Kingdoms and redirected them to APN’s channel inside it.
  • On the days FIT was held, players were shown an interstitial ad that invited them to pick up their prize in the stall.
  • Visitors came by the stall and picked up their prizes.


Through the creation of a verified channel, APN got a highly personalized platform. It was able to include pictures related to their brand, channel information, links to useful sites, questions related to the topic and a lot more content through the back-end app provided by Flame Ads.

“Visitors loved the game in Trivia Crack Kingdoms. They hung out at the stand, were eager to find out more about the answers and wanted to keep playing. And we encouraged them to answer more questions because it’s a way to learn while having fun,” said Rita Jara, from APN’s Marketing Department.

APN’s digital strategy had great results. In fact, the channel got 2,000 followers. Users answered an average of 40 APN questions each and more than 12,000 questions were answered overall. Up to October, the campaign had more than 420,000 impressions.

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