Modern Slavery

Most of us heard of “Slavery” in History classes or saw a video while surfing the internet about this issue explaining how hard it was for them, but did you know that we reached the 21st century and it still exists and considered as “Modern Slavery”?

Authors in history books referred to Slavery as a condition in which individuals are owned by others, who control where they live and at what they work, while modern slavery has been defined after inspecting huge number of incidents happening nowadays as the act of recruiting, harboring, transporting, providing or obtaining a person for compelled labor or commercial sex acts through the use of force, fraud, or coercion.

Slavery has existed for thousands of years and has been present in various forms and in all civilizations. Since its abolition in most developed nations in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, slavery has gradually transformed from an officially approved practice based on legal title and ethnic distinction to one that has been criminalized and relocated to the informal economy. This has made slavery considerably more ambiguous and dynamic in the forms it takes (Quirk, 2006).

So what are the reasons that made millions of individuals accept modern slavery without even reporting it to their ministry of labor or a specific authorities, and after reading scholar journals we have found the below causes:

1. Unemployment where you’ll be enforced to signing un-satisfying/un-ethical contracts.

2. Having financial commitments and debts.

3. Geographic isolation-providing affordable supply of labor.

4. Zero awareness of slavery and human rights in the 21st century that makes people accept any type of offers thinking that they will be free and get out of their current virtual prison.

5. Working under pressure and threats of hurting their loved ones.

There are many proposed solutions to minimize modern slavery, such as:

1. Establish Anti-modern slavery authorized authorities all around the world to support individual’s rights collaborated with the ministry of labor.

2. Spread awareness towards fighting modern-slavery through social media platforms with the help of concerned NGO’s.

3. Assist individuals who need help to minimize modern slavery actions internationally with the help of our government.

The importance of minimizing modern-slavery isn’t a joke because it’s actually affecting all of us, reaching our reputation, therefore we need to start changing our mindsets, make calculated decisions, set the right boundaries and understand what’s right for a certain individual and what’s not by asking ourselves “if this happened to me will I accept it? Is it ok to treat a human-being this way?” and always remember Start the change from your own circle to affect others.