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Robert Knapp, CEO & Founder of Flame Technologies AG

Integrating Nafty into the Sharesome ecosystem

Open Letter to all Nafty Token Holders

The Nafty Token

The Nafty Token is designed as a utility token for the Nafty ecosystem. Nafty Token is trading at $0.00001293 at the moment that I write this letter, down from an all-time high of $0.00538848 in August 2021.

The Nafty Angels & Nafty Dolls NFTs

There are two Nafty NFT collections. One with 1,696 Nafty Angels and one with 6,969 Nafty Dolls (both on Ethereum). There is also the Beta-Version of a Metaverse Game for the Angels and Dolls, the Naftyverse.

Sharesome is launching a new NFT marketplace

The Nafty dApp Infrastructure

Nafty.me and Nafty.vip will be discontinued. Both projects don’t have the necessary traction at the moment to allocate more cash to them. It is incredibly hard to move creators away from existing monetization solutions like OnlyFans or ManyVids where they are already successful to new challenger products like Nafty.me and Nafty.vip.

The Nafty Payment Solutions API

Things look different for NaftyPay. The Payment Solutions API will continue to exist under its own brand and will be implemented into the Sharesome ecosystem.

The Nafty Technology

We already laid out our Web3 ambitions regarding NFTs in our NFT Litepaper. We will mainly use the existing Nafty Technology to build two new platforms and integrate them with Sharesome.

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Let’s stay in touch

Good things take time. So, let’s stay in touch.

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