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Perp — the vAMM based perpetual contracts trading protocol on Flamingo, is an integral component of the platform and will be the next to launch. Due to the novelty and complexity of its concept and development, the team has been putting in careful efforts to test and optimize the system throughout.

Through the first Perp trading competition, the team has identified numerous issues while receiving valuable feedback from many participants. Since then, there have been significant improvements over various aspects of the Perp module.

To better prepare it for the upcoming official launch, the team is now inviting all community…

Dear Flamingo Community Members:

What a ride it’s been! We’d like to first thank everyone for their full-hearted support for Flamingo from our launch towards the end of September 2020 to now. Since then, Flamingo has seen continuously growth with the rollout of Flamincome, an Ethereum-side asset gateway plus yield aggregator, along with the asset cross-chain portal — Wrapper, DEX and liquidity platform — Swap, as well as the one-stop asset management module — Vault. …

Vote here from 8th to 14th April 2021


After the implementation of FIP#2, the team would like to propose some adjustments to FLM release and distribution schedule in order to maintain the tokenomics as stated in the Litepaper.‌

Proposal details

  1. The release rate of FLM will be halved to 2.5 million FLM per week from 22th April 2021.
  2. A new trading pair cGAS/nNEO will be added from 15th April 2021.
  3. FLM distribution in Vault will be adjusted as below to incentivize users providing liquidity to cGAS/nNEO, from 15th April 2021.









4. Incubated by NGD…

🦩The redesigned asset flow is now live with WETH asset migration!

💰Staking rewards adjustment:

Staking FLP-pnWETH-nNEO will no longer receive $FLM rewards from 03/03/2021 0800 UTC. Rewards for the new LP token: FLP-fWETH-nNEO will kick in from approximately 03/03/2021 1230 UTC .

🚗WETH asset migration

WETH related asset holders may now proceed for asset migration, we’ve prepared a simple guide:

1⃣️ pnWETH:Migrate to fWETH in Wrapper;

2⃣️ nWETH:Withdraw original WETH on Flamincome;

3⃣️ FLP-pnWETH-nNEO: Unstake and remove liquidity, then migrate pnWETH to fWETH in Wrapper. You can then provide liquidity to the fWETH/nNEO pair in Swap, and stake FLP-fWETH-nNEO in Vault to continue receiving FLM rewards.

4⃣️ WETH: Wrap to fWETH in Wrapper.

⚠️The migration for WBTC and USDT related assets will begin a week later.

👉Details about asset…

As approved by the community, the Flamingo team has been working on redesigning the asset flow within the platform laid out in FIP#2. The development is now completed, and the team would like to announce the following details regarding the launch of proposed changes as well as the migration of relevant assets.

Please follow links below for more information regarding this redesign.

Details of FIP#2.

Flamingo Asset Guide.

Migration Timeline

03/03/2021 0800 UTC

  • Launch of the updated Flamingo website
  • Migration of WETH-related assets begins
  • FLM staking rewards adjustment begins

03/10/2021 0800 UTC

  • Migration of USDT and WBTC-related assets begins
  • FLM staking rewards adjustment completes

FLM distribution schedule

Staking rewards of related…

Yuan Gao, Product Lead of Flamingo joined the Discord community on 4th Feb 2021 to talk about FIP2 and future plans of Flamingo.

1-on-1 Session:

Adam Yang (mod): Hi everyone! Thanks for joining us for the special AMA session. With us today, is @Yuan, Product Lead Flamingo, who just finished his dinner. Welcome!

Q: Cool, let’s start! There has been lots going on with Flamingo recently. Maybe let’s do a little retro first. It’s been more than 4 months since its launch at the end of September last year. Would you brief us on the latest development status of Flamingo so far?

A: Sure. I believe everyone here is already familiar with Flamingo. The main purpose for NGD to incubate this project is to build a solid foundation of DeFi infrastructures within the Neo ecosystem. With that in mind, Flamingo is not designed as a single protocol, but as a protocol…


This FIP proposes a redesigned asset flow for the Flamingo platform, to improve overall usability and asset interoperability.


Interoperability is one of the main features of the Flamingo project. To enhance the capital efficiency for Flamincome/Flamingo users, a sophisticated process of asset synthesization was established during the initial launch. While the logic behind this design is solid and all n-assets are fully backed by corresponding original assets, the introduction of non-transferrable Collateralized Debt Positions (CDPs) still creates a barrier for the fluid redemption and arbitration to maintain the value pegging. …

Check out the top ranking Perp traders during the competition!

Key Stats

The Flamingo Perp Trading Competition has concluded with strong enthusiasm from the community.

🙋 Global Applicants: 500+

✅ Average Daily Trades: 1000+

💰 Total Trading Volume: USD $4 billion +

Who are the Winners?

🏅️Rank 1: 20,000 FLM

Commodore Igor

🥈Rank 2–4: 10,000 FLM


🥉Rank 5–9: 4,000 FLM


🏆 Rank 10–39: 1,000 FLM

This Guy
Chikan Akan

Only user nicknames submitted during application are presented for user privacy. Corresponding rewards will be released to participating addresses within 48 hours.

The team would like to once again thank all community members for your…

It’s been more than 10 days since the Flamingo Perp Trading Competition launched. The competition has attracted more than 500 participants globally to join and provide meaningful feedback discussion regarding multiple aspects of the Perp protocol. The Flamingo team would like to thank all community members for the generous support and feedback.

The main objective of the competition is to comprehensively test the robustness of the protocol and gather valuable feedback from users before the official launch. …

🦩Flamingo Perp Trading Competition is coming!

Perp is a vAMM-based perpetual contract exchange protocol where users can trade perpetual contracts of crypto assets with up to 5x leverage without the need for liquidity provision.

As on-chain perpetual contract exchange is still a relative new concept, the development team has carried out extensive testing and optimizing for the system. The team would like to apologize for the delays and thank everyone in the community for the continued support and understanding.

With the Perp Trading Competition, the team is inviting the community to comprehensively test the robustness of the protocol, and provide valuable feedback on the user experience…

Flamingo Finance

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