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Asset Flow Redesign & WETH Migration Launched

Staking FLP-pnWETH-nNEO will no longer receive $FLM rewards from 03/03/2021 0800 UTC. Rewards for the new LP token: FLP-fWETH-nNEO will kick in from approximately 03/03/2021 1230 UTC .

WETH related asset holders may now proceed for asset migration, we’ve prepared a simple guide: https://docs.flamingo.finance/user-guides/weth-migration

1⃣️ pnWETH:Migrate to fWETH in Wrapper;

2⃣️ nWETH:Withdraw original WETH on Flamincome;

3⃣️ FLP-pnWETH-nNEO: Unstake and remove liquidity, then migrate pnWETH to fWETH in Wrapper. You can then provide liquidity to the fWETH/nNEO pair in Swap, and stake FLP-fWETH-nNEO in Vault to continue receiving FLM rewards.

4⃣️ WETH: Wrap to fWETH in Wrapper.

👉Details about asset migration and staking rewards adjustments: https://flamingofinance.medium.com/launch-schedule-of-the-redesigned-asset-flow-and-asset-migration-1864f571012c

👉Details about the redesigned asset flow: https://docs.flamingo.finance/governance-proposals/fip-2

👉A guide to all assets on Flamincome and Flamingo: https://docs.flamingo.finance/user-guides/assets



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