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Flamincome and Flamingo Wrapper Going Live!

Flamincome and Flamingo Wrapper will be live on at UTC 13:00 on 21st September 2020.

ERC-20 asset holders

ERC-20 asset holders can go to Flamincome and start earning yields for relevant assets, and obtaining corresponding value-pegged assets that can be used in Flamingo to mine FLM at the same time.

NEO and ONTd asset holders

NEO and ONTd asset holders can directly go to Wrapper to wrap your assets in preparation for the Mint Rush starting UTC 13:00, 25th Sep 2020.

What is Flamincome

Flamincome is the Ultimate Yield Booster on the Ethereum network. Flamincome users will earn yieds on both Ethereum and Neo:

  1. In its initial stage, Flamincome will adopt the same strategy as other mainstream yield aggregators to provide Flamincome users with yields similar to YFI while safeguarding the staked assets.
  2. Besides staking their ERC-20 asset on Flamincome for yields, users can also use the pegged assets obtained from the Ethereum DeFi ecosystem (Flamincome) to participate in Neo’s DeFi ecosystem (Flamingo) and receive FLM.

During launch, Flamincome will support WBTC, wETH and USDT, other assets such as the UNI-V2 ETH-WBTC-LP Token will be supported very soon.

What is Wrapper

Wrapper is a crosschain asset gateway for Bitcoin*, Ethereum, Neo, Ontology Network, and Cosmos-SDK based blockchains.

Users can wrap tokens such as NEO**, ONTd*** and value-pegged assets from Flamincome (nWBTC, nwETH, nUSDT, and etc.) on the Neo blockchain as NEP-5 tokens (nNEO, pONTd, pnWBTC, pnwETH, pnUSDT, and etc.). Wrapped NEP-5 tokens can also be redeemed back for native tokens. More tokens will be added to the list as the project develops.

*Native BTC will be supported at a later stage.
**Since NEO is currently UTXO-based, users would need to wrap NEO to NEP-5 token in Wrapper to be better utilized.
***ONTd is the wrapped version of ONT on Wing Finance.

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