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Flamingo N3

You can find the migration guide here:


Migration of tokens

To migrate NEO and GAS, you must use the old migration site:


To migrate FLM, fWETH, fUSDT, fWBTC, and pONT, you must use the new nep-migration site:



To go from Neo to Ethereum, you need to migrate from N2 to N3 and use the wrapper on Flamingo N3.

To go from Ethereum to Neo, you now use the wrapper on Flamingo N3.

ONT cross-chain will be implemented some days after the migration has started.


Staking will be activated within 24 hours after this announcement. Please note that features like SmartStake do not work until staking is activated. You can add liquidity to pools, and when announced, you can stake the LP tokens


Minting will start some days after the migration. We will give users 24h notice before minting starts via all social media channels.

Read more about that here: