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2 min readDec 21, 2021


Hello, fellow Flamingos!

We have released the FLM Hodler Program contract and a new FLM Hodler Club category on our Discord server (https://discord.gg/flm). The FLM Hodler Program is a program that gives you perks as a Flamingo Hodler.

Some of these club member benefits include:

Exclusive access to channels on Discord based on your FLM holdings.
Exclusive roles and badges on Discord based on your FLM holdings.
Exclusive contests for all members of the clubs.
Exclusive new perks that will come in the future.

There will be a new FLM Hodler Club category on Discord with six new channels and a number of new roles and badges tied to these channels.

club-info: Here, you can learn how to join and chat with the bot.
boathouse: Less than 1k FLM.
canoe-club: More than 1k and less than 10k FLM.
boat-club: More than 10k and less than 100k FLM.
yacht-club: More than 100k and less than 1M FLM.
captains-club: More than 1M FLM.

Your FLM holdings include all FLM in your wallet, in pools, and unclaimed.


By holding Neoverse NFTs, we give you additional FLM value in the program. All NFTs are stackable!

N series = 100,000 added on top of your FLM holdings.
E series = 50,000 added on top of your FLM holdings.
O series = 5,000 added on top of your FLM holdings.

Example: If your current FLM holdings are 15,000 FLM, you are a part of the 10k-boat-club. If you also have an N series Neoverse NFT in your wallet, your total club points will now be 115,000, and you will be immediately upgraded to the 100k-yacht-club.

See you on Discord.

Here is a secret (don't tell it to anyone!):

We are working on a reward point system that will give you Floyalty points for your FLM holdings. Floyalty points can be used to mint special NFTs with utility, buy merch from the merch shop (TBA), or get access to special features on flamingo.finance. The Floyalty point program will be released Q1 2022.



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