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Looking Back on 2021

Before looking forward to 2022

It has been a fast, furious flurry of flamingo activity in the last quarter of 2021. Flamingo.Finance graduated from Neo Core development to community ownership less than 3 months ago. Since then, we have moved forward with our transparent and highly communicative team and an aggressive roadmap agenda for growth.

The team began with the task of creating a new UI and user experience, introducing the SmartStake feature, as well as completing the smart contract liquidity pools for Flamingo on N3. We also initiated and communicated the migration process with tutorials and guides, along with around-the-clock support for users in our Discord. From there the updates have been continuous and delivered timely as promised:

  • We created an N3 FLP for FLM and GAS
  • We re-organized the Discord and introduced the community lagoon for streaming of development insights and community events (with more coming in the future!) as well as launched our FLM Hodler Program.
  • We Fueled (and are fueling) Flamingo’s Future by utilizing the bNeo wrapper’s GAS earnings in FLPs, to grow the Flamingo Ecosystem.
  • We used the bNeo in FLPs to vote for a Flamingo Consensus Node.
  • We launched Android and iOS Dashboard Apps with widgets to track wallet portfolio and analytics.
  • We Launched our IDO platform, featuring GhostMarket as the first project to utilize it.
  • We launched a merchandise shop where the community can buy Flamingo-related items.

All of this we have worked on while continually taking in your feedback to improve upon these features (often tweaking them on the go!) and brainstorming internally on how we can continue to deliver innovative utility and improvements to the Flamingo ecosystem. We thank you, our community for believing in us, pushing us, and most of all, supporting us during this time of transition for Flamingo.Finance.

As we look forward to 2022, we will continue to update our roadmap with new features and requests, our ecosystem with new FLPs and cross-chain interoperability, single staking FLM, expansion of our FLM Hodler Program, and integration of NFTs.




An easy-to-use DeFi platform built on Neo N3. Designed with Smart Functions for everyone, from beginners to advanced cryptocurrency users. https://flamingo.finance/

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Flamingo Finance

Flamingo Finance

An easy-to-use DeFi platform built on Neo N3. Designed with Smart Functions for everyone, from beginners to advanced cryptocurrency users.

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