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This guide will help you step by step to migrate your assets.

Keep in mind that this article can change prior to the migration date!
This is to give you insight into the process.
Do not start it until migration start is announced.

1. Go to n2.flamingo.finance/vault and connect your favorite wallet.

2. For this example, we are going to migrate our FLP-FLM-nNEO pool. Click on unstake to start this process.

3. Select your whole balance by clicking on “Balance: 10.00”
After clicking “confirm”, a wallet notification pops open. Note that you don’t have to enter a GAS fee for this transaction on Neo Legacy, but you need to have gas in your wallet to do so.

4. After getting your transaction confirmed on-screen, head on to the swap page and click the “Pool” tab.

Here we find our pool liquidity, which we will now remove.

Select 100% of the amount so we can receive all of our assets.

Click confirm, and you will again see the wallet notification. Confirm without adding a gas fee (but make sure you have gas in your wallet!).

If there would be a case where you have no GAS in your wallet, use the Flamingo platform to swap some tokens for CGAS, which you then can unwrap.

5. Now, you are ready to start migrating your tokens!

To migrate NEO and GAS, you must use the old migration site:

To migrate FLM, fWETH, fUSDT, fWBTC, and pONT, you must use the new nep-migration site: https://nepmigration.com/

Connect your wallet to start migrating your tokens to N3!

Click “CONNECT WALLET” and select the wallet provider that you just used on Flamingo. Then connect to the same wallet as you just used to remove liquidity

6. Once your wallet is connected to the migration website, your address will show up in the “From” tab, and you will be able to select the number of tokens you want to migrate.

In this example, I’m migrating some GAS.

We will be migrating 20 GAS, which has zero fees.

Migrating more then the threshold has no fees.
If you wish to migrate less, there is a 1 GAS fee pr transaction.
This is set in place by the Neo council, not the Flamingo Platform.

Click “Select an N3 address” and select your N3 wallet from the popup.

If you haven’t made your N3 wallet yet, you can do that inside both O3 and NeoLine. Remember to backup your private key and never share it with anyone!

Click “NEXT” when everything is correct.

7. Now you will see the summary screen. It should contain:
Your token amount.
The public address of your wallet on Neo Legacy.
The public address of your wallet on Neo N3.
The amount you will receive on N3.

Always check this very carefully to avoid loss of funds!

Click “NEXT”, and you will again see the wallet notification. Confirm without adding a gas fee (but make sure you have gas in your wallet!).

8. After confirming the migration begins!
This should take no longer than 10–15 minutes.

After its completed, you can see this screenshot and click “CONFIRM”

9. Go to https://flamingo.finance/convert and connect the N3 wallet you just migrated your tokens to.

10. In the “ASSET ACTION” box in the middle of the screen select the SmartStake action.

11. Select the token you want to SmartStake from. In this example we use GAS. We add the amount and select the pool we want to stake in.

When using GAS we can’t use 100% of the amount since we need GAS to pay for the transactions

Always inspect your transaction! It's very important to hold over the ? and inspect the Price impact, as a high price impact can be very expensive for you when you convert.

After you have inspected the transactions. Click on “SmartStake”. You will see the wallet notification and have to confirm the transaction.

This time the transaction has GAS fees as Neo N3 has no free transactions.

If you get an error you can try to adjust your slippage (be careful as this can make the conversion rate worse for you)

Always inspect your transaction to be sure the settlement is within your range!

12. You now sit back and wait the “long ” 1–15 seconds it takes to complete your transaction.

13. Now you can head over to “EARN” and watch your liquidity give you free FLM as rewards and at the same time enjoy the conversion fees from other users.



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