What is Flamingo?

We, the Flamingo Team, provide opportunities where you can meet language teachers in person and take lessons. We are aiming for realization of multicultural society where people can understand each other, regardless of any nationalities or languages.

We are trying to create an environment where you can meet teachers in person with peace of mind, and learn languages freely and cheerfully! To people who gave up learning language because of their skills, or those who don’t have enough confidence to communicate with people in non-native language, please leave it to us!

We are currently making “Flamingo” which is an app that allows you to meet language teachers in person. You can call a language teacher at a cafe, and then you can take a lesson. Lesson fee is flexible. We won’t take any other fees. Method of the payment is VISA/MasterCard. The meeting place is limited in public ones only (ex. cafe).

Download Now: iOS (Android ver. is coming soon)

About how to take a lesson, read an article below:

*ここにHow to take a lessonの記事リンクを貼る*

If you are interested in becoming a teacher, read an article below:

*ここにBecome a teacherの記事リンクを貼る*

In Beta Version Now

The Flamingo app for iOS is now in beta. Android version is coming soon.

Limited within Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, and Shiga Pref.

During the beta period, we are going to provide the app only in Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, and Shiga. We are planning to expand business outside these areas from the next step.

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