Donald Trump: Psychology Genius in Disguise.,top

In the aftermath of the last USA election, the most asked question has been: “How was it possible that someone like Donald Trump was chosen to be the next USA president?”.

After reading articles that dropped different theories, it hit me: it had little to do with the media or with the so-called rednecks. The reason why Donald Trump won over the majority of Americans is that he actually is a psychology genius in disguise.

Let’s rewind and consider all the speeches and tweets he sent out, starting from day one of his election campaign.

Donald Trump attacked everyone: Mexicans for the illegal immigration and causing joblessness; Iran for the nuclear armaments; journalist because they are dishonest; losers of all kinds because they are the anti-American dream; Muslims because they are terrorists; LGBT people and women for what they are and represent; all other candidates just because ; and so on and so forth.

Doing this, he reached out to all the Americans who are afraid of *something*.

In fact, through his winning speech where he expressed an understanding, accepting and humble attitude, he probably tried to win over the ones frighten with the possibility of him becoming the next USA president.

It did not matter who Trump attacked or how much he contradicted himself, because each time he opened his mouth (or Twitter) he always hit the deepest irrational level of people’s emotions: Fear.

The solutions he proposed were the most basic ones (let’s solve immigration by building a wall between US and Mexico; let’s solve terrorism by banning Muslims from the country; let’s solve me as a president showcasing a whole different mindset…). Any person will choose such solutions as primal reaction, as in “not sustained by reasonable thinking”. In that manner Trump reflected how we -as human beings- act by instincts, and therefore he made all different kind of people feeling heard, understood and in safe good hands.

Let’s now consider the tonality of his messages. Did he deliver them through threats? No. Did he portrayed images of catastrophes and destruction? No. So, how was he able to address that many uncomfortable topics and not driving people away?

Because he talked about them through comedy and insults, playing again on another irrational side of people: lightness.

Laughing makes us forget the seriousness of the topic we are laughing about.

It actually allows us to go as much down&dirty as we want, because we always have the excuse that “it’s just a joke!”. Satire has been used since the Greeks to attack people in power without any repercussion. Even nowadays, comedians like Daniel Tosh and John Oliver know it and use it for entertainment, while others like Beppe Grillo and Robin William’s “Man Of The Year” took advantage of this strategy to gather mass consensus and find their place in politics.

In conclusion, should we support what the Trump stand for? Not really. Still, we have to give him credit for being the brilliant psychology master of this past USA election, nobody saw that coming (probably not even himself). He won because we are all afraid of something.

But in this case, the joke is on us.

N.B. I received a couple of feedbacks that address one specific issue in the article and I feel like giving a bit of voice.

Yes, I do acknowledge that D.T. has probably a huge staff behind him that created his persona and spread it on every media. And the point of this article is not truly about him and “his geniality”; my intention was to highlight the reasons why that orchestrated behavior got the upper hand onto the other candidates who promoted better values. To me it’s a definite sign of where society currently stand, and where it will go if we don’t take action.