Flarup’s Weekly Report #2 — Let’s make something

Week 19 (May 9th — May 15th)

I have always loved video. I did 5 years of video podcasting at university, made every single product and behind the scenes video we’ve ever put out in my companies and made more vacation films than my family thought was necessary (seriously we have a whole catalog of well produced documentary-grade vacation films with covers and all). It’s incredible that it has taken me this long to get serious about my youtube channel. Now that it’s starting to pick up I can’t seem to stop coming up with new things I’d like to put on there. But as we all know: one thing is coming up with the ideas, another thing is doing the work. Shooting, editing, grading & publishing. This week I finally managed to finish a new format that I’ve been wanting to exist for a long time. The internet also kind of exploded on me and I finished the game I’ve been playing for the past couple of weeks.

–– Here’s the weekly report.

Published the first ‘Design with me’ episode

A new video series showing a behind the scenes look at real projects I’ve worked on

In my youtube channel introduction I boast that I’ll make my subscribers better makers. Not a day goes by without me thinking about how we can demystify design, how we can make it more approachable and how we can collectively grow as makers. For a while I have been toying with different formats that all work towards that goal. I launched psd.tips aimed at improving peoples proficiency with Photoshop and we’re currently making a game very publicly over at conductthis.com, sharing what we learn along the way. ‘Design with me’ is a series I’ve been wanting to do forever but it has only really materialized over the past few weeks. The idea is to show parts of the creative process that we don’t often share. In each episode I’ll show actual things I’ve made for people and use that opportunity to dive into different aspects of how I make things. I want to peel back the magic and show people that design is a job.

I struggled a lot with this first episode. I took a million takes and ended up editing it a lot more than what I had originally planned. I think it was because I kind of brute forced the production. I gave myself a week and I worked a bit on it every day trying to find the right approach, tone and pace. I was unsure of how long it ought to be and how much of me just talking I could include without people zoning out. Sometimes when you make something, you have a clear idea of what the finished thing is going to look like —here I had no clue.

Luckily reception so far has been great and encouraging. Original tweet got a lot of likes and retweets and the video hit 1k views in a few days.

Added Filter Designer to my portfolio

Pixelresort grew a little fatter

The subject of the first installment of ‘Design with me’ was a Mac app icon for an app called ‘Filter Designer’. I love making desktop icons and this one become the first new addition to the newly launched pixelresort portfolio with it’s own little project subpage and all.

Redesigned the redesign of Instagram

Played around with the new app icon for instagram and the internet exploded

My fusion of new and old

The most notable thing to happen in the design world this week was undoubtedly the rebranding of Instagram. A brand new app icon and an overhauled UI was expectedly recieved with strong emotions from millions of people.

I’m generally not a fan of unsolicited second-takes from people who were not in the room when the brief was discussed and I realise the huge effort this rebrand must have taken from the Instagram design team, but It was hard not to play around with the visuals. I was sad to see so much of the character of the old identity washed away and I really just wanted to see what a fusion between new and old would look like.

At first I wasn’t sure wether or not to put it on dribbble, but ultimately decided to just throw it up there. It was fun and good conversation — and if we can’t riff and discuss something we all love, then what are we even doing on there? I wrote some thoughts on the new icon, hit upload and went to bed. Next morning I woke up to a glowing phone. As of this writing the shot has recieved 11.000+ views and 680 likes, making it my third most popular shot to date! I also ended up putting it on Instagram (even though I never share design there) and that too has received a ridiculous amount of likes and comments, making it the single most interacted with thing I’ve ever put on my profile– earning me hundreds of new followers. So much for the years of carefully curating photos and videos to put on there 😂.

The internet is weird sometimes.

  • I finally finished XCOM 2! I took my time and ended up sinking around 50 hours into it before saving earth (again). Like it’s predecessor it was a solid gaming experience. A deep and complex journey that had you on the edge of your seat and constantly feeling like you had a million things to do, but very limited time to do them. Nice little teaser for what I expect is a remake of Terror from the deep in the end sequence there.
  • A meticulous critique of the new Instagram logo/UI by Bryan Mamaril
  • I mostly use Snapchat to film the antics of my 2 year old and share it with my family. Those 10 second videos are often the most authetic little slices of unproduced life that you can get. So I had this idea of making a video of all my saved snapchats (low res portrait and all). I used Splice to stitch it together. It wasn’t perfect, but the result was great. Free idea: Make a video app that only stitches together saved snaps, and does it well. Call it Snap Moments or something like that.

See you guys next week.

Michael is a danish designer, entrepreneur & keynote speaker. he loves making things, going on adventures and telling stories.

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