Flarup’s Weekly Report #5 — Procedurally Generated

Week 22 (May 30th — June 5th)

I have long ago abandoned the thought of regular and irregular weeks. My schedule, if any, is more like a deck of cards being drawn randomly. Some weeks I get to move, some weeks I get to do nine-to-five (although totally not those hours) and some weeks entirely random stuff crops up. My life is a rougelike game of procedurally generated content. This week, I sunk in quite a few hours at the editing bay to finish up my OFFF adventure. I worked on the game and other projects with the team. I went to the other end of Denmark to give a brand new talk and then went totally off the grid in the Swedish woods for a hike.

– Here’s the report.

Finished my OFFF16 coverage

Posted a rad travel vlog + article

As I reported last week, I spent some time in Barcelona on behalf of Adobe. I went to OFFF, the largest creative conference in Europe. While I was there, I shot a lot of video and that has, this week, turned into a travel vlog of sorts. I also tried to put down a few words about my experiences while I was there. It might be a worthwhile read if you’re curious about what all the fuss is about:

I hope I can keep up this sort of coverage at the other conferences I’m going to attend this year. Let me know what you thought about the video and the approach. Adobe was also kind to feature my coverage on their blog here.

Gave a brand new talk

Traveled to Aarhus to talk about bullshit in design

My keynote featured these fun little openers for each topic I wanted to discuss

I sat 3 hours in a train before arriving at a small castle at the outskirts of Aarhus, the second largest city in Denmark. I was invited to speak at Forretning Online, a one day conference with people from many different industries. I originally pitched them my classic talks about fun or icon design. I remember getting the email response. It was 1am and they thought it might get a little too design centric. They wanted something that CEOs could enjoy too. I got a little defiant. So I punched out a few lines about a little something I always ranted about with people in meeting rooms. They agreed and it was quickly dubbed ‘Stop Bullshit in the Designprocess’ and went on their website. I sat back in my chair and realized that I suddenly had to make up a whole new talk! A very different one from my usual uplifting, inspirational rah-rah stuff. Essentially I had to make an angry old man talk. I ended up calling it ‘The Bullshit Hunt’.

People started piling into the hottest room in the castle and I was off. I hadn’t had time to rehearse so I had no idea if my 94 slides would hit the 45 minute target. But after 42 minutes and several glasses of water I got an applause and no questions. It’ll be interesting to see the feedback tick in later this month. I’ll give the talk again in Copenhagen on the 15th of September. Who knows, maybe it’ll become a classic one day too.

Went hiking in Sweden

Through the woods, in a lake and off the grid with the dads

Now a fathers day tradition, The dads in our group of friends are each year invited to a weekend of hiking. Kids are still too young to participate so for now it’s a guys trip into the woods. Every year, the trip is upgraded with new dads, new equipment and new trails.

This year’s trip did not disappoint. A great walk through Söderåsen in Sweden. On the second night we camped outside the national park by a lake. Swam in the sunset, made a fire by the shore and spent the night with good rum and better conversation.

  • Started listening to Creativity Inc by Ed Catmull. It has been on my ‘to listen’ list(?) for a while and a week with 6+ hours of train ride seemed like a good time to start.
  • Medium Publications. It allows for more customization so I made a publication specifically for the weekly report. You can find it here.
  • Zacapa Rum. Still one of my favorites.

Next week is less event packed. I’ve got another talk coming up at my sisters school, which should be fun, but hoping to get a breather-week to do some work and get home on time.

Michael is a danish designer, entrepreneur & keynote speaker. he loves making things, going on adventures and telling stories. Why did he start doing these weekly reports? Find out here.

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